turbo flying machine mount

Unlimited [Primal Fire] and Unlimited [Adamantite Frame] Swipe

No Farming

Unlimited amounts

No killing

No flying around/routes

Very cheap (0.94% of market value)

You will be swiping these from Dealer Najeeb in Stormspire, Netherstorm, Outland.

Warning: This blog post is image intensive!

But first, what are the items, why would you want them, and for how much would you sell them?


What are Primals and Engineering mats and what are they used for?

Primals are the Outland and The Burning Crusade expansion elemental crafting materials.  They are the equivalent to

  • Eternals (WOTLK)
  • Volatiles (Cata)
  • Spirit of Harmony (MoP)
  • Sorcerous elements (WoD)

Primal Might

Primal Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Mana can be combined to create a Primal Might by an alchemist. Primal Shadow and Primal Life are not needed.

(Incidentally, the Primal Might receipe is bought from Arrakoa vendor in Shattrath City Outland, which is a limited supply item and costs 8g, sells in the Auction House for 160g. You can also get this pattern in Silvermoon and Exodar capital cities.)

Primal Might transmute has no cooldown and is profitable.


Primal Might is needed/wanted by many professions, including those making and crafting expensive transmog items including

  • the famous Dirge dagger
  • Hand of Eternity 1h mace
  • Dragonmaw 1h mace
  • Khorium Champion 2h sword

It’s used by Leatherworkers, Tailors, and Blacksmiths.

Some of the crafted items are Bind on Pickup but once soulbound, in Legion expansion they should become available through the account-wide transmog wardrobe system.

The Primals

Primal Fire is part of the materials for a Khorium Power Core, in turn part of the mats for a Turbo Flying Machine. Also for one of the Stylin’ leatherwork transmog helms.

Primal Air is used in crafting TBC items but is specifically wanted by Enchanters for the still-selling enchants: Cat’s Swiftness, Greater Agility and Superior Agility

My blog post from 2011 on Primal Air farming

Primal Life again used for TBC crafting, but especially for Enchant Weapon – Major Healing which has a unique glow and may increase in demand with the addition of Weapon Enchant Transmogs to the World of Warcraft Legion Transmog Wardrobe.  (See also Illusion: Holy Infusion.) Needed for Stylin’ Adventure Hat (see guide on farming Cobra Scales)

Primal Shadow again used for TBC crafting, especially Deathfrost, Soulfrost and Subtlety enchants.

Primal Water helps to make Soulfrost enchant, a subtle enchant with snowflakes.  It’s also easy to farm from Throne of Elements Outland, where there are many water elementals.

Primal Earth is the cheapest of the primals, coming from mining.  Its many uses include Mercurial Adamantite (used by jewelcrafters), some nice transmog items like Adamantite Breastplate, Stylin’ Jungle Hat, Shadowprowler’s Chestguard (4,000g) and Glove Reinforcements.

Primal Mana can otherwise be gathered best from Mana Wraiths north of Area 52 in Netherstorm Outland


Outland Engineering Parts from Dealer Najeeb

Handful of Fel Iron Bolts used for 10-20 different TBC Engineering crafts.

Elemental Blasting Powder used for the non-epic Flying Machine mount.

Hardened Adamantite Tube used for BoP goggles, epic Gyro-balanced Khorium Destroyer gun, scopes, guns by Engineers.

Adamantite Frame used for the epic Turbo Flying Machine mount. It’s also needed Crashin’ Thrashin’ Robot a 2-3,000g toy.



turbo flying machine mount




Sales Tips


Before posting primals, check the prices of motes or primals, bearing in mind that 10 motes make a primal.

Post for whichever is going to bring you the most gold, 10 motes or 1 single primal.

Sell in stacks of 1, both primals and motes, unless you have over 20-30 motes, in which case sell half as primals and half as motes in uneven stacks.

Check the undermine journal or your trade skill master mouseover tooltips for the current prices.


Engineering parts

Handful of Fel Iron Bolts  Buy 60s, sell 15-20g each in stacks of singles.

Elemental Blasting Powder Buy 20s, sell 5-10g each in stacks of singles or tens.

Hardened Adamantite Tube Buy 12g sell 80-100g each in stacks of one.

Adamantite Frame  To keep prices high, do not flood the market, post 1-4 max.


Screenshot_1220 Screenshot_1221


How to Swipe it All !

Addons you will need:

You can get all the addons you need from my TGQ Addon Suite at Curse http://www.curse.com/addon-packs/wow/the-gold-queen-gold-making-addon

Before swiping, create your swipe list.

It’s like a snatch list but for purchasing from a vendor.


Instructions to Set Up the Swipe List

Open up TSM with /tsm

Go to Groups

under ‘New Group’ write Dealer Najeeb and click Okay.  Make sure you have ticked ‘switch to new group after creation’



Under the new group “Dealer Najeeb” go to the Import/Export tab

Find the Import String area



TSM3 Import String:  i:23785,i:22575,i:23784,i:22572,i:22573,i:22574,i:22576,i:22577,i:22578,i:23783,i:23781

Paste the Import String in and hit okay



The group should fill up and look like this



Still under the Dealer Najeeb group, go to the Operations tab and scroll down until you get to Vendoring.



Click on “Create New Operation” under Vendoring



Call the new operation “buy_from_Najeeb and click Okay.



TSM will ask you “Would you like to add this new operation to Dealer Najeeb? Choose yes

Set the Restock Quantity to the number you want to buy. In this case (unlike the picture!) you can set the maximum of items you want to buy from him. You want unlimited, so choose 5000.  Deselect any “sources to include in restock” because you don’t want to miss out on buying something because you have some in your alt’s bank somewhere!



Now you’re ready to fly to Dealer Najeeb in Stormspire, Netherstorm, Outland.

He’s up in the Stormspire at the back. If you don’t see him at first, then /target Dealer Najeeb right-click his portrait, and put a big raid indicator over his head SKULL



Setting a raid marker on a target

Setting a raid marker on your target


Once you get to Dealer Najeeb, he should show you some of his rare limited supply items


Choose the TSM_Vendoring tab at the bottom of his window.

Make sure that Dealer Najeeb group is highlighted in yellow.


Click ‘Buy Selected Groups’ at the bottom left.


If your Dealer Najeeb looks like this then he has already been cleaned out of goodies



To bypass the need to click TSM_Vendoring, you can have TSM delegate this as the default tab.

Under Options / Module Options / Vendoring /General click the option “Make Vendoring Default Merchant Tab“.  You can change this back to normal later if you want to.


Once you have cleared Dealer Najeeb out of his goodies, it’s time to server hop, swapping to another realm and repeating the process



Realm Hopping for Unlimited Dealer Najeebs

You can use either Cross Realm Assist, or Server Hop addons.  Bother are included in my Curse Addon Suite just choose the addon you like the best.


Here I am using Server Hop by simply clicking ‘Next’ to hop from realm to realm.




Buying Rhythm

You will soon build up a rhythm of hop/buy/hop/buy and start to accumulate items.  To keep an eye on them, you can either watch your bags or use the Farmit addon


Farm-it addon

Amongst other things, this gives you a moveable, resizeable (shrink/grow) bar.  Once you have one of those items in your bag, drag it to the farmit bar, and farmit will keep a note of how many of these you have in your bags.


This farmit bar displays 51 Elemental Blasting Powder, 20 Adamantite Frame, 10 Mote of Fire, 65 Handful of Fel Iron Bolts, 8 Mote of Earth, 7 Mote of Life, 3 Mote of Mana, 15 Mote of Air, 3 Mote of Shadow




What else can you do in Stormspire?

The Stormspire

The Stormspire


As you enter (if you take the elevator), on the left hand side is the Consortium repuation vendor.

On the right hand side are two interesting and useful NPC vendors.

Dealer Rashaad

Dealer Rashaad

Dealer Rashaad sells eight different pets, all of which can sold on the Auction House for a decent profit.  Remember to be patient with them, they are no longer as rare as they were in The Burning Crusade, and try not to flood the market with more than one of each pet.

If you find your pets are not selling after a month or so, you can try using them yourself, then leveling them to level 25 using the pets leveling guide, and selling for more gold as a level 25 pet.  Once again, be prepared to be flexible with your pricing!

Dealer Sadaqat

Dealer Sadaqat

Dealer Sadaqat is ofter overlooked but amongst his useless Major Mana and Healing pots, he also has the chance to sell some Outland herbs for cheap.


twitpiAbout the Author

The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With many level 100s, 9 years expertise in making gold, 11 garrisons, 17k+ achievements, 1593 days played, and over 32 million gold earned. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing World of Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling snatch lists, and farming gold making.

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    • The Gold Queen
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      Heya, the magic of “unlimited” is made by server hop, or cross realm assist addons, both of which allow you to jump to the next server and then buy from their exact copy of the NPC. With unlimited hops, you can jump jump jump, picking up loads and loads of stuff.

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        Yeah I get the server hop bit, do the vendor items have like a respawn timer or something, for EG say I have 10 servers I can hope to, I do all 10 and there are no new server to hop to, is that it for the day r do I come back in an hour r something ?

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