Cross Realm Farming Part 3 – Heavenly Herbs

Tanaan Jungle Cross Realm Herb and Ore Farming – New Technique

What if you could make herbs and ore appear at your feet?

Would you be interested in that?


Part 1 in series introduces you to how to cross realm.  

Read the earlier parts of the series to learn how to jump from realm to realm.


The new farming technique needs the following:

  • Addon required: Cross Realm Assist
  • Herbalism or Mining
  • Level 100 or ability to get into Tanaan
  • Flying in Draenor is not required


The Old Farming Techniques

Remember the days of flying around from herb to herb, picking the herb, moving on to the next one, picking that herb, flying on, following a route?

Ok maybe you don’t.

Maybe you’re a WoD Garrison baby.

Those days are over

Jade Forest Farming Route

An old farming route


The New Farming Technique

Gold makers were worried that bots would get into Tanaan Jungle and start farming up those raw mats, ore, herbs, fish, felblight, leather, cloth. So far I’m not seeing as much of that as I was warned about.

The bots should be worried about us.

Now, you stay in one spot, and use crossrealm-assist to jump from realm to realm, scooping up their herbs.


Choose a small area you can reach easily, and when it runs out of herbs, hop over to the next realm, and pick all their herbs!

tanaanherbI’m in your realm, stealing your flowers



This works especially nicely in Tanaan where it’s easy to find cross realm groups available, and where the nodes also drop Felblight and Primal Spirits.

This should work with ore and herbs, but not with leather, as I’m afraid you have to kill the beast to get its leather first.

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    This is pretty sneaky and quite a nice use of addon mechanics. Definitely going to use this technique.

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