Cross Realm Farming – Blasted Lands Blast

1. Recap of the Blasted Lands rares farming route

2. How Cross Realming allows endless farming


1. Recap of the Blasted Lands rares farming route

What? Why?

First discovered, I believe by Faid, shortly after transmog was introduced. I still use her Blasted Lands macro.

It’s a 4 year old farm route, and the plan is to kill rares, mobs with silver dragon portraits, in the hopes they will drop valuable loot.

Ideally you will be selling the transmog loot on the Auction House, and I have a TSM Transmog Shopping and Auctioning Snatch List that you can steal here.  It’s a mish mash of several other gold blogger’s lists, refreshed and updated for 2015.

Blasted Lands rares are doubly valuable because not only do you get loot from the rares, but they also drop an imperfect draenethyst fragment or flawless draenethyst sphere.  These can be handed in at an NPC later in your farm route for a Kum’isha’s Junk and an Emerald Encrusted Chest respectively.  These are bags of more loot for you.



Travel to Blasted Lands

Take a portal from a major city.

  • Orgrimmar Cleft of Shadows
  • Undercity Magic Quarter
  • Thunder Bluff Spirit Rise
  • Silvermoon Sunfury Spire
  • Stormwind Mage Quarter
  • Ironforge Mystic Ward
  • Darnassus Temple of the Moon
  • The Exodar Vault of Lights


Before you do anything in Blasted Lands

*Talk with the NPC to change Blasted Lands back to Old Blasted Lands*


Zidormi is at the very far north, the entrance to Blasted Lands just south of the Swamp of Sorrows.

/target Zidormi if you can’t find her!

“Show me the Blasted Lands before the invasion”

The invasion she is talking about is the Iron Horde pre-Warlords of Draenor event, and you should ask her to show you the old Blasted Lands.


Farming Blasted Lands Rares

As soon as Blasted Lands is back to it’s old self, then fly the route, and spam the macro!

It’s useful to have an addon like NPC_scan when you’re starting, but once you learn the route, you won’t need it, just fly and spam the macro.


Faid's Blasted Lands Macro  that I've always used
/tar akub
 /tar blackl
 /tar cassia
 /tar clack
 /tar deathe
 /tar dreadsc
 /tar grunter
 /tar magro
 /tar mojo
 /tar mord
 /tar narix
 /tar rava
 /tar spite
 /tar terem




Once you learn the route, you don’t really need an addon, just spam the /target macro.

If you have tomtom, you can use that, there are waypoints you can add.

/way Blasted Lands 46.8 13.3 Clack the Reaver
/way Blasted Lands 37.1 28.3 Dreadscorn
/way Blasted Lands 46.7 27.9 Mojo the Twisted (Inside Cave)
/way Blasted Lands 52.7 26.9 Deatheye
/way Blasted Lands 49.0 35.6 Ravage
/way Blasted Lands 60.7 28.1 Mordak Nightbender
/way Blasted Lands 54.0 37.0 Grunter
/way Blasted Lands 59.1 35.5 Spiteflayer (Patrols)
/way Blasted Lands 46.3 39.2 Magronos the Unyielding
/way Blasted Lands 32.2 44.6 Narixxus the Doombringer
/way Blasted Lands 31.4 69.5 Blackleaf
/way Blasted Lands 60.6 75.4 Cassia the Slitherqueen
/way Blasted Lands 73.6 55.6 Akubar the Seer
/way Blasted Lands 54.7 51.2 Teremus the Devourer (Patrols)

If you use Gatherer with a HUD, you can see your route show up on the heads up display and help guide you as you make further circuits.



I have Gatherer addon up because I’m also pulling double duty and farming the herbs that I fly past. That’s what the red wiggly line is on the Heads Up Display.

Herbs and ore:

Herbs are mostly cheap here, dreamfoil, mountain silversage, gromsblood; I saw some thorium ore mining nodes on the route too.

My scribe was very grateful for the herbs to keep up the stock of glyphs. (click here for part 1 of the Gold From Glyphs Guide)



Some of the rare mobs you will encounter. Click to enlarge.


Your Draenethyst Fragments and Spheres

Turn the Crystal in at NPC  Kum’isha the Collector (51,30) to get a bag or box.  The imperfect crystal gives a bag with a green item, the perfect gives one blue and a chance at a green, or pattern/recipe. Sometimes you get runecloth too. Small chance at an epic, all ilevel 45-60


2. How to spice up your Blasted Lands Blast with some Cross Realming

Joining a cross realm group will port you to the server of your group leader. And a new server brings new chance at rares. It’s that simple.

Open your group finder tool, mine is keybound to “i”.

If you’re lucky you will find someone listing and welcoming to realm hoppers. Otherwise, you’re going to have to be more pushy. Please be aware that this has some etiquette involved. Some players think this behaviour is absolutely normal and acceptable, and it enrages others.  If in doubt, ask before you join.

These groups I found are welcoming to realm hoppers.



Just remember your manners as you realm hop and you shouldn’t be in any sort of trouble.  Don’t join up with a 5 man group running quests, because you will stop another player from joining (you can’t do quests in 6 man+ raids).

On the other hand, I’ve recently seen a lot of players in Tanaan listing their groups as “Doomroller up!” only for 20-30 players to join and realise the group leader was just trolling for lulz, there was no Doomroller.  In this circumstance, if they want to be silly, then I would feel justified in using them to realm hop for farming.

You could even go all the way in, and check out the Cross Realm Assist addon which helps you find groups to join for the purposes of realm hopping

Cross Realm Assist addon

Cross Realm Assist addon


Golden Manners for a Golden Reputation.

Far far too often I see people doing this.



It costs nothing to say please and thank you.

You have nothing to lose by being polite.


thanks mate

Enough lecturing on manners!

Back on to gold making.  Take your loot, your bags and emerald chests, your herbs, and head to the auction house, and profit.


Reminder about selling transmog items

They do not sell instantly, unless you are pricing them wrong.

The more patient you are, the higher price you can ask.  The higher price you want, the longer you will have to wait. Reposting is an art. Master it.


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