Christmas Gifts from Warcraft Gold

With Christmas fast approaching did you know you can convert your Warcraft gold into gifts for friends and guildmates?


Convert your Warcraft Gold to Battle Net/Blizzard Balance by buying a Wowtoken.

Warcraft players can use their World of Warcraft gold, or even sell off items at the Auction House, and convert the gold into loot boxes in Overwatch or packs of cards in Hearthstone.

Step 1

Buy a wowtoken with your gold at the Auction House


Step 2

Choose to redeem the wow token as balance

When you buy a token with gold, you can redeem it for:

  • North America: $15 USD or $17 AUD
  • Europe: €12.99 EUR or £9.99 GBP

Step 3

Once you have your Balance head to the shop.

Here’s the UK Blizzard Shop

Find your area Blizzard Shop at


Step 4

Anything with “Gift” can be purchased with as a gift for someone!


Once you’ve chosen your gift/s, head to the checkout


At the checkout, choose “Blizzard Balance”



Click to read limitations and restrictions



Warcraft’s video about the wow token.


What is a wow token

You can pay with Blizzard / battlenet balance, paypal, credit or debit card


Make use of all the Warcraft gold you have earned and treat your friends to some Overwatch lootboxes or Hearthstone cards as a Winter Veil gift today.


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