Patch 4.3 announces chaos orbs unbound

Good * everyone can now roll for, own, and trade chaos orbs.

Bad * only those with the relevant profession patterns can use them, ie the same as now.

Chaos orbs will now have a level value. This will impact on every single item craftable from chaos orbs.  300g per orb to a blacksmith and 20g per orb to a leatherworker? No more.

Currently if you want to have an item crafted the mats of which include a chaos orb then you would bring the correct crafting materials to the professional crafter plus a high fee to cover his her chaos orbs plus crafting fee tip.

New system for 4.3 you will bring the correct crafting mats including the right number of chaos orbs plus a crafters fee tip. You will be able to buy a chaos orb on the auction house, maybe from a friend or guild mate or just pick one up by winning the roll at the end boss of a 5 man heroic.

How to work with chaos orbs now

New patterns are coming, making current patterns out of date. If you have any items crafted with chaos orbs then sell them quick before their value plummets. Ask traders and friends if they have Alts that could use the item, sell them any way you can.

Hang on to your chaos orbs to use them or to sell them in 4.3.

Keep your eyes open for patch 4.3.1 just in case blizzard implement a chaos orbs trader like Mr frozen orbs in dalaran.

Got any more tips for chaos orbs in 4.3? Please comment.

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  1. Jafo
    Jafo says:

    “Keep your eyes open for patch 4.3.1 just in case blizzard implement a chaos orbs trader like Mr frozen orbs in dalaran.”

    That thought never occured to me. I like!

    • Catherine Brody
      Catherine Brody says:

      But I would imagine it would take them longer like It did with that one///maybe close to the end of the expansion as in when they ar erdy to release the new expansion, or maybe even make mr. frozen orbs take chaos orbs as well?

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