Get to Booty Bay for Big Bag of Booty Day

Today is your one chance in the year to buy a Big Bag of Booty.

You buy them for 300g from Dread Captain DeMeza.

She’s on the roof of the bank!

The Big Bag of Booty is not a toy. It’s an item.

Click the item to throw piles of gold onto the ground which you and other players can click to loot.


How to profit from Big Bag of Booty

1: Cheap and a bit naughty

Get to Booty Bay

Wait for other players to click the item to find out what it does

Take their gold from the floor


2:Sell Big Bag of Booty throughout the year

I aim for 5,000g for each item and will wait for up to 12 months to sell them!




Today you can also find a rare spawn that drops a toy, but it is Bind on Pickup so no use for gold making.


While you’re in Booty Bay

Don’t forget to pick up the limited supply [Pattern: Admiral’s Hat] from Cowardly Crosby behind Booty Bay


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