Why Azuregale Bay is My New Home

Because fish, and ancient mana!

  • Barracuda fish schools usually around 20g each, currently up to 60g each due to raid food requirements
  • Ancient Mana Crystals 3-400g each
  • Baits Axefish Lure, Ravenous Fly Bait up to 1,000g each (bait selling guide)

It’s also a super easy area to get rare fish, and I’m picking up lots of Artifact Power for my Underlight Angler.


Azuregale Bay is the area of water near Jandvik, just east of Suramar City, in Suramar zone in Broken Isles.


Black Barracuda Farming


For 100% chance to fish, you need 950 fishing. Grab your Worm Supreme!

  • Look for the Barracuda Schools and only fish in these schools.
  • Run over the water to the next school.
  • With upgrades to your Underlight Angler, you can walk on the water without the need for spells or mount, and can fish up a whole pool of black barracuda in one cast.
  • A barrel bobs to the surface in place of the school and you click it to loot all the fish.


Ancient Mana farming

Voxxel’s Wowhead guide explains the difference between each Ancient Mana node,

I’m pleased that my secret Ancient Mana farming spot still works, is still secret, and still gets an awesome amount of Ancient Mana, however all the Ancient Mana there is BoP so if you want BoE mana chunks or mana gems, you need to scout for lootable nodes.   Azuregale Bay is the best place for me to do that because:

  1. You can scout the area safely.  Walk across the top of the water with either Path of Frost, Water Walking, the Underlight Angler ability, or a Water Strider mount.
  2. When you see a node, you can mouseover it to check its type
  3. If the node is Ancient Mana Crystal, you can dive straight down from the water surface and then swim straight back up to the top to continue scouting

If you need the secret Ancient Mana Farming spot, the video guide is part of my Legion Gold Guide.  There are also free guides to similar (but not as good!) locations on youtube.


image belongs to wowhead.com

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