How To Make Auctionator Shopping lists for Inscription inks in World of Warcraft


Hi this is Alyzande here, writer for the Gold Queen . com, the world of warcraft auction house and gold gaming blog. Today I’m going to be showing you how to set up a shopping list with Auctionator addon to search all the world of warcraft herbs according to which ink they can make.

This will help you find the cheapest herb for your ink when your scribe wants to buy a lot of herbs from the Auction House to make a bulk pack of glyphs for stocking up once a week.

I find that the best time to buy herbs is either on a saturday late morning and afternoon, or about nine in the evening when players have finished gathering herbs for the day and have dumped their stock on the AH.

Auctionator is a legal addon for World of Warcraft and can be downloaded from Curse Gaming website. It’s part of my pack of gold making addons.

We’re going to open up auctionator and go to the buy tab.

  1. In the left menu choose new shopping list and a new window will appear.
  2. Type in the name for your new shopping list I’ve called my new shopping list “midnight ink”.
  3. Now I’m going to open up a new browser, go to WoWhead, and search for Midnight Ink. Find the pigment that makes the ink, mouseover it, and you’ll see a list of all the herbs that make that pigment.
  4. Alt-tab back to your warcraft screen, and in the new shopping list for midnight ink, do a search for that first herb, Mageroyal at the top of the auctionator window.
  5. Wait for Auctionator to search for that herb, then click Add Item in the left hand column. This adds Mageroyal into the Shopping List called Midnight Ink.
  6. Repeat this with the next herb, Briarthorn. Search for it, wait, then add item to the shopping list.
  7. Repeat this with all the herbs that WoWhead shows can be made into Midnight Ink, until your shopping list is filled.


Click on Search for All Items in the bottom left hand side, to tell Auctionator to search for all the herbs that can be made into Midnight Ink, in order of price. Here we can see that making Midnight Ink from Swiftthistle would be cheaper than making it from Stranglekelp.

So thats how you make and fill a single shopping list for Midnight Ink. Repeat this with all the other inks, going to WoWhead to check which herbs make which pigments.


When you’ve made all your shopping lists, you’ll have a set of lists that you compare to each other. Here I’m checking the price of herbs for blackfallow ink, because you can trade blackfallow ink into midnight ink. I can see that if I want a lot of midnight ink, and have already bought the cheap swiftthistle, I will buy the cheap Cinderbloom, make blackfallow ink and trade it for Midnight ink. This way I won’t be wasting my gold on the expensive Stranglekelp.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to set up your Auctionator shopping lists to make lists of herbs that make ink. If you’ve missed anything, feel free to rewind. For more world of warcraft gold making tips, come and read my warcraft blog at See y’round


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The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With many level 100s, 9 years expertise in making gold, 10 garrisons, 16k achievements, 1505 days played, and over 18m gold earned. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing World of Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling snatch lists, and farming gold making.

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  1. Alto
    Alto says:

    Just as an FYI, inside your shopping list you might want to add Midnight Ink (the actual ink in your group) and Dusky Pigment (the pigment for used to make “x” ink) along with the Blackfallow Ink (like you mentioned): You would be surprised when you can snatch up the inks or pigs cheap and save time milling/crafting.

    Also, TSM (Tradeskill Master) has a “buy ink” search tab that you can use to accomplish the same thing, and just as quick (if not quicker).

    • Alyzande
      Alyzande says:

      I like to use the TSM buy utilities, however I find them very much slower than using Auctionator. This is especially so once the items have been discovered by the addon and you have decided to bulk buy. TSM makes me want to tear the computer screen apart with frustration, and that’s when I find it a real relief to know I have an Auctionator shopping list set up ready to go.

      Another bonus of using Auctionator shopping lists over the TSM buying module is that at the moment TSM doesn’t allow you to see the prices of the other herbs, the other choices that you could make before you buy. Nor can you see whether the suggested herb is listed at 50% average value, or 500% average value. I love having the ability to see that before I make my buying choices, and I hope TSM might consider this in the future.

      • Alto
        Alto says:


        Although TSM doesn’t show whether the price is 50-500% of average value, it does show “per ink” average price, and not just a “per” herb like Auctionator lists. It also automatically shows the lowest “ink” price on the cheapest herb out there (for any given ink- and it factors in Blackfallow and Pigments too) which makes it easier for “right now” purchases or just plain ol’ stockpiling.

        I do love using Auctionator Shopping Lists, but for herbs/milling, it is too sexy to pass up. Whether its ease of use or time savings, TSM just destroys the competition. You mentioned you have frustration with it, I think everyone does at first, but once you realize what you are doing, it’s the real deal. =)

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