Seafood Magnifique is the Cataclysm’s equivalent of the old Fish Feast raid buff food. A buffet that a player places which can be eaten by every member of the raid to gain a buff. However, unlike in wrath of the lich king expansion, the Seafood Magnifique is bind on pickup, which means that you won’t find it for sale on any auction house. Instead, the raw fish sell on the auction house for a good profit. This post examines some of those ingredients, plus the other most expensive fish available on my own home server. As always, don’t forget to check your own server supply, demand, and current prices, before you invest time in fishing for these gold makers.

Before I continue, I want to thank El’s Angling website, and Wowhead for some of the data on the fish.

Seafood Magnifique ingredients

  • Fathom eel
  • Highland guppy
  • Lavascale catfish.

Top 8 Fish in the AH

1. Highland Guppy is the most expensive fish, mostly because of its difficulty to fish. You can find it in schools along the river in Twilight Highlands, which needs a very high fishing skill. I found a nasty looking bot fishing here last time I went fishing and promptly reported him.

2. Fathom Eel Although El’s Angling suggests you fish the Uldum coastal schools for Fathom Eel, I personally recommend fishing from the Tol Barad schools. That’s because it’s faster to get to Tol Barad through the portal, and you can do your TB dailies at the same time, multitasking the amount of gold you can make. If your fishing character is a herbalist, you might prefer to try the Uldum schools, because you can pick up Whiptail on the Uldum riverbanks as you fly south. Fathom eel is also a favourite fish of agility-buff users, like my own feral druid.

3. Lavascale Catfish Lavascale Catfish Best found along the Uldum river, possibly as you head south to pick up those Fathom Eels. The Lavascale Minestrone gives a +90 Mastery buff.  These seem to be in more plentiful supply than the other ingredients for the Magnifique.

4. Blackbelly Mudfish are actually the second most expensive fish in my AH at the time of writing. They cook into +dodge and +parry buff food, making them the tank’s food of choice. Anyone remember Spicy Crawdads back in The Burning Crusade?

5. Albino Cavefish These are an odd fish, because they make Deepstone Oil, kind of a super-upgraded version of the blackmouth fish of vanilla, which made the blackmouth oil for alchemists. Deepstone oil makes mysterious potions for alchemists, but more importantly 8 of them are used in the recipe for the Vial of the Sands epic mount. You won’t be surprised to hear that the oils therefore sell best in stacks of 8.

6. Deepsea Sagefish These are the clothies’ fish: they make Delicious Sagefish Tail and Severed Sagefish Head, which give Spirit and Intellect buffs. Grab them from Tol Barad Coastline whilst you’re doing your dailies.

7. Blood shrimp. I was surprised by the price of Blood Shrimp on my AH. They’re pretty standard early-cataclysm fish, obtained from Abyssal Clams. They never used to cost this much gold, but if I had to make a guess I would say that the price is currently high due to their use in the Whitecrest Gumbo cooking recipe. This is a recommended cooking recipe for leveling cooking from 450-500. If the majority of players have the cooking profession, and want to level it up, it’s likely they will at least consider buying some of these shrimp. “Catch” yours by opening clams which drop from mobs in Vashj’ir.

8. Dragonfin Angelfish The 8th most popular fish on the Auction House is a wrath of the lich king staple. I was surprised to see that these were still selling, however with low competition in Northrend, these fish can provide a “welfare” agility buff to players who can’t afford the fathom eels.

Biggest Surprise from scanning the fish available in my auction house?

Low numbers of Deviate Fish and the cooked Savory Deviate Delight. I looked back at the Auction House later and found more savory deviate delight for sale at about 10g per fish. That’s a nice profit. If you have reset your hearthstone to Dalaran like me, then you can do the Northrend fishing daily quest for the chance to get some free raw deviate fish in the reward bag. I’m not sure I would entirely trust the ones in the AH posted by someone with a facerolled-name. Smells like a fishing bot to me. Something a bit fishy there (badum, tsh!)

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