1. Don’t vendor it, put it on the auction house!
  2. I farmed some things especially for the Auction House!
  3. I made some things to sell on the Auction House!
  4. I bought some things on the Auction House then sold them for profit
  5. I log on every day to check the Auction House
  6. I bought some mats on the Auction House, changed them, sent them to an alt, changed them again, then sold them for a huge profit on the Auction House
  7. I bought all the different types of things on the Auction House and reset the value of that market to triple the amount.
  8. I own the Auction House on several servers
  9. I own the Auction House when I feel like it
  10. I teach people about the Auction House, either in game or on a blog
  11. Ugh, these nubs are unteachable about the Auction House
  12. I play Angry Birds instead
Where are you?

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The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With many level 100s, 9 years expertise in making gold, 10 garrisons, 16k achievements, 1505 days played, and over 18m gold earned. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing World of Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling snatch lists, and farming gold making.

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  1. Catherine Brody
    Catherine Brody says:

    I have not quite mastered my server, but I pretty much make gold constantly! I have 7 85’s. and a level 80, and I am constantly mking gold =) I dont claim to be a pro though! still have a lot to learn

    • Alyzande
      Alyzande says:

      None of us are really Pros, we just get better and better at adapting to the market as we gain experience 🙂

      Are you saving up for anything in particular?

      • Catherine Brody
        Catherine Brody says:

        I want the vial of the sands. I dont have the recipe on my alchemist yet, nor do I have an archaeoloogist who can find it yet! Oh and also, I bought dugi’s profession guides and its been great! Got my mining leveled to northrend mining in a days worth of time (would have been more if I had not had some issues in my guild that day with me being guild leader, Guild is my priority!) I would suggest that to anyone, saves time and helped me as well, while skilling my mining I sold some ore and made some good gold from that! I made my husband jealous when I made 5k from truegold and then when I kept farming, it was great because I know where the spawn points are because of my profession guide! It saves time and helps me to make money using your tips as well 😉 I was playing the auction house today but i have no idea how well I did, I had to log out in the middle of it fgor a long trip home cuz I was at my dad
        ‘s house and played it on my 85’s at least! sold ore, armor, and even some strange dust I had. I was smart, I hgad bought out all the lowbie one and reposted it byt the stack and whatnot for more 😉 lets see if it all sells =) I love the tips I get here too!

  2. jimmyolsenblues
    jimmyolsenblues says:

    I have 2 million gold over 2 accounts; 6 85’s toons. 2 jc, 2 alchmists, i don’t need a skinner.lw or engineer to max profits on my server.
    That’s 2 accounts and IPhone account so about $30, plus $3 , so I paying at least $33 a month to play, not including my internet bills…could be much higher.
    I am bored , but I really don’t know another game to play.
    So I haven’t mastered multiple servers…but I got my server down cold.

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