Where could Epic Gems come from in Patch 4.2?

I want to look at all the speculation surrounding the epic gems which are possibly coming in Patch 4.2. Here are ten different places that epic gems *might* come from.

1. Prospecting pyrite ore. This fits with the way we got epic gems in Wrath of the Lich King.

2. Prospecting a new ore.  Black Iron Ore was datamined and suggested as a possible epic gem source.

3. Daily Jewelcrafting of updated Fire Prism.

4. Daily Jewelcrafting of a new epic version of Fire Prism.

5. Transmuting Rare gems + herbs = epic gems. An epic version of the current transmutation of uncommon gems + herbs = rare gems.

6. Transmuting bunch of rare gems or meta gems into epic gems.

7. Drop from trash in 4.2 patch raids, or drop from rare ore spawn points in Firelands raids.  Based on the Burning Crusade model, which meant you needed to beg your guild leader or guild banker for access to gems.

8. Satchel of Exotic Mysteries (also known as the sack of crap) Perhaps the Satchel will not be as well received as Blizzard think, and they may add epic gems just to annoy DPS classes even further.

Sack of crap

Satchel of Exotic Crap

9. Purchasable for valor, justice, or conquest points.  This is a high probability, there is likely to be somewhere to trade in your tokens for epic gems.


Here’s my own idea to add into the mix:

10. Drop from bosses in 5 man heroics in the same way as chaos orbs do now.  Blizz are trying to promote the so-called joys of pick-up groups, and this would create an interesting twist. It also fits in the Burning Crusade model, except ‘downsized’ in the same way as other parts of World of Warcraft have been made more accessible to casual players.

Talking Points: Where do you think epic gems will come from?  Are you stockpiling pyrite? Do you have any other new ideas?

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  1. Vayaz
    Vayaz says:

    I think that the days of epic gems via heroic instances are over. Also, back in TBC, those weren’t the regular gems you could cut and sell, but rather cut versions that were bind on pickup and for personal use only.

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