Looking for new ideas for side-markets to make WoW Gold?

About You

You love your professions.  They make a lot of gold, and work together great.

You could shuffle ore into enchanting mats in your sleep. Occasionally you even dream about Warcraft.

You have an intermediate understanding of the major Warcraft Gold and Auction House addons.


Do these WoW gold making questions seem familiar?

Limited Supply items, yes, I sell them sometimes but not often, I don’t really have a regular route.  Could anyone help me by disenchanting a stack of greens? I’ve not heard of that way of gold making before?  I’m fed up with doing the same old boring things to make gold, don’t you have any new ideas?  I have over a thousand items to relist on the auction house, how do I do that with addons?  Why won’t anyone share their snatch list with me?


What to do

My Advice for moving into new markets

  • Get your shopping and snatch lists in order.  Make sure that what you already do every day is automated and fast as possible, so you can use your valuable time with thinking rather than reposting.
  • Read, Read, Read. Enjoy all the articles at the Gold Queen and visit the recommended blogs on the blogroll. New ideas and new markets are by their very nature, new. Keep up to date with the Gold Queen.
  • Try Limited Supply Items. As well as rare patterns and items, bind on equip companion/ small pets will be a big seller in Mists of Pandaria.  Learn more about how to gather and resell these mini battle pets in my special Pet Selling Guide.
  • Ask me if an idea is viable! I’m very chatty on Twitter, so come and join in the conversation. Post on our Facebook fan site.
  • Keep to your daily routine. A few regular habits are the backbone of regular gold income.  Complete your daily quests, check your auctions are posted, look for professions cooldowns. When I started making gold, I wished I had a checklist that I could print and tick off, a to-do list for making gold.  So I wrote one for you.  You can get a free copy when you join the newsletter list.
  • Join the mailing list When you subscribe to the regular posts, you get motivation and encouragement.  I share my latest tips, and reminders about old tricks.

twitpiAbout the Author

The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With many level 100s, 9 years expertise in making gold, 11 garrisons, 18k+ achievements, 1593 days played, and over 39 million gold earned. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing World of Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling, snatch lists, and farming gold making. Want more updates on Warcraft Legion?  Catch me on Twitch or support my Patreon for exclusive pre-release Legion Gold Guides.