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Darkmoon Cards Panic

Posted by on 2 Oct 2012 in Darkmoon Faire, Inscription, Pandaria, The Undermine Journal | Comments Off

Should I Make Darkmoon Cards? How much should I pay for them? What will you sell decks for? A few days into the expansion, and players are...

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3 New and Little-Known Ways to Profit from the Darkmoon Faire

Posted by on 1 Jan 2012 in Darkmoon Faire, featured, fishing | 5 comments

9 Rare Items to Flip for Double Profits Adventurer’s Journal Worth 90g Buy for 1g Banner of the Fallen Worth 100g Buy for...

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June Darkmoon Faire and News

Posted by on 5 Jun 2011 in Darkmoon Faire, Other Blogs, Premium gold guides, Tips | Comments Off

Darkmoon Faire Guide The Darkmoon Faire has hit Elwynn Forest.  My dark moon fair guide is still working, here is part one. Hello June...

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It’s April, 2011

Posted by on 2 Apr 2011 in Darkmoon Faire, fun | Comments Off

It’s the beginning of April, means a couple of things for us: 1 – Did you fall for my April Fools joke?  Damn it would be...

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Uncommon Inks from Inscription

Posted by on 20 Mar 2011 in Auction House, Darkmoon Faire, Inscription | 4 comments

Dear Gold Queen … From: A Subject: green inks Message Body: I just read your post about making gold from glyphs, one of my 2 main...

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Darkmoon Faire this week

Posted by on 7 Mar 2011 in Darkmoon Faire | Comments Off

I wanted to throw you a friendly reminder that Darkmoon Faire is in Elwynn this week.  I wrote a 4 part series last month, which you...

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