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Void Storage in 4.3 Makes Gold Making Harder!

Posted by on 13 Nov 2011 in Guild bank, guild banks, Patch 4.3, Patches | 5 comments

Patch 4.3 Void Storage A new feature in patch 4.3 is brought by Ethereals to Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Clean out your bank of old tier armor...

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Gold With Your Guild | Guild Masters & Giving Back to Guilds

Posted by on 25 Jun 2011 in guild banks, guilds | 2 comments

Support Your Guild However much gold you have, whether 100g or 1 million, you’re pretty lucky and rich. Consider giving a small...

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Gold With Your Guild | Markets and Bank

Posted by on 24 Jun 2011 in Free Warcraft Gold Guides, Guild bank, guild banks, guilds | Comments Off

Your Guild Markets Are you using your guild market to the full? How would you feel if I told you that you probably already have access to a...

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Are you a Hoarding Horde?

Posted by on 28 Mar 2011 in guild banks | Comments Off

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