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On the first day of Winters Veil, my true love gave to me

Posted on 24 Dec 2015 in Addons, Auction House, Beginners, Competitors, Leatherworking, Professions, Tailoring, Undercutting, Winter Veil, WoW Seasonal Guide, WoWuction

On the first day of Winters Veil, my true love gave to me …   Winter Patterns Players with Leatherworking, Tailoring or Cooking...

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Winter Veil Farming for Beginners, Advanced, or Cheeky

Posted on 17 Dec 2015 in Addons, Auction House, Auctionator, Cross Realm Assist, Farming, Leatherworking, Pets, Professions, Tailoring, The Undermine Journal, Winter Veil, WoW Seasonal Guide, WoWuction

Winter Veil Farming Here are different ways to take advantage of Warlords of Draenor Winters Veil. From beginners farming, that a level 20...

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Making Gold With Shirts

Posted on 9 Jun 2015 in Beginners, flipping, Tailoring

Making Gold with Shirts Tailoring is not the only way to make gold from shirts. There are a number you can loot or purchase from vendor...

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Royal Satchel Mists of Pandaria Bags

Posted on 7 Jul 2012 in Beginners, Pandaria, Tailoring

Royal Satchel Anyone making gold in World of Warcraft needs the biggest and best bags in the game. In Cataclysm these are Illusionary Bag...

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Icy Cloak

Posted on 24 Mar 2012 in Alchemy, Cross Faction, Snatch Lists, Tailoring

Icy Cloak Transmogrification A wonderful transmog item is the icy cloak.  I first sold this in 2006 ish to a PVE / levelling up character...

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Gordok Ogre Suits (again) 380g Profit

Posted on 23 Feb 2012 in Auction House, Leatherworking, Tailoring

Gordok Ogre Suit Materials Cost 19g 21s Selling Price 400g. Gordok Ogre Suit costs under 20g to craft according to Lil Sparky’s...

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3 Tips For 4.06 You Can’t Afford to Miss!

Posted on 10 Feb 2011 in Enchanting, Herbalism, Tailoring

1. Enchant 2h Mighty Agility Kaliope at WoW Crafter’s Blog noted that the Enchant 2H Mighty Agility now requires only a Titanium...

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