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World of Warcraft gold and Auction House blog

Pandaria Beta Updates & Personal Thoughts

Posted on 31 May 2012 in Cooking, Fishing, Pandaria

The Mists of Pandaria beta continues with new builds being launched. New music New quests More profession news New information for us as...

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Deepstone Oil, Rock Solid

Posted on 14 May 2012 in Alchemy, Dear Gold Queen, Fishing

Deepstone Oil Deepstone Oil is made from Albino Cavefish by alchemists. You’ll find it listed with Albino Cavefish are fished up in...

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Where Can You Get a Free +20 Fishing Skill Rod?

Posted on 23 Jan 2012 in featured, Fishing

Big Iron Fishing Rod Off the shores of Shadowprey Village, south-west Desolace. My story: I was flying through Desolace last night,...

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3 New and Little-Known Ways to Profit from the Darkmoon Faire

Posted on 1 Jan 2012 in Darkmoon Faire, featured, Fishing

9 Rare Items to Flip for Double Profits Adventurer’s Journal Worth 90g Buy for 1g Banner of the Fallen Worth 100g Buy for 5g...

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Fishing for World of Warcraft Gold

Posted on 9 Oct 2011 in Fishing

Fishing for World of Warcraft Gold Fishing is one of those secondary professions in World of Warcraft that players either love or hate...

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8 Most Expensive Fish on my AH and Where to Get Them

Posted on 3 Jun 2011 in Auction House, Cooking, Fishing

Seafood Magnifique is the Cataclysm’s equivalent of the old Fish Feast raid buff food. A buffet that a player places which can be...

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