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Pandaria Beta Updates & Personal Thoughts

Posted by on 31 May 2012 in Cooking, Fishing, Pandaria | 2 comments

The Mists of Pandaria beta continues with new builds being launched. New music New quests More profession news New information for us as...

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Gold Gaming Skills You Can Learn Leveling Cooking Profession to Max

Posted by on 10 Dec 2011 in Auction House, Beginners, Cooking | 2 comments

Gold Gaming Skills You Can Learn Leveling Cooking Profession to Max Adding value to raw items. Patience. Limited supply sourcing Types of...

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Pilgrim’s Bounty, Mage Gold Rush

Posted by on 20 Nov 2011 in Cooking, How to make gold with, Practical Guide, Professions, WoW Seasonal Guide | Comments Off

Pilgrim’s Bounty Guide For gold gamers, Pilgrim’s Bounty event means two things. Portals. And cooking. Pilgrim’s Bounty...

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8 Most Expensive Fish on my AH and Where to Get Them

Posted by on 3 Jun 2011 in Auction House, Cooking, Fishing | Comments Off

Seafood Magnifique is the Cataclysm’s equivalent of the old Fish Feast raid buff food. A buffet that a player places which can be...

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Gold from Children’s Week

Posted by on 15 Mar 2011 in Childrens week, Cooking, WoW Seasonal Guide | 26 comments

Children’s Week in World of Warcraft will be celebrated between 1st May and 7th May. At the time of posting, that’s 6 weeks in...

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