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Hinterlands, The Forgotten Gold Secrets

Do you remember the Hinterlands? There is a lot of gold to be made from forgotten places. Druids get quick transport from the Emerald Dreamway to The Hinterlands   Secret Limited Supply Patterns A small outpost, friendly…

Falcosaurs for Profit

Falcosaur Pet Gold The new falcosaurs in patch 7.1 give companion/battle pets, the opportunity to get a mount, and fun quests for a new reputation faction. Wowhead guide to getting falcosaur pets How to make gold from Falcosaur pets Buy…
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Starlight Rose Farming with a Level 101

Starlight Rose Farming with a Level 101 Yes, you can do this! and make a fortune! No you don't need a level 110! You need: A level 101 Some gold to gear them A gathering addon, I prefer Gathermate2 for Legion (optional) Stonehide…
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Gold Making Addon Suite Updated for Legion

Gold Making Addon Suite Updated for Legion The Curse gold making addon suite that I've curated for several years has been updated for Legion! new changes include: …

Why Azuregale Bay is My New Home

Why Azuregale Bay is My New Home Because fish, and ancient mana! Barracuda fish schools usually around 20g each, currently up to 60g each due to raid food requirements Ancient Mana Crystals 3-400g each Baits Axefish Lure, Ravenous…
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Raid Consumables in Legion

Raid Consumables in Legion Raid content for Legion is about to be released. Raiders want to prepare for raids before raid time, and want to enhance their new loot after raid time. Usually, gems and enchants do not sell until after raid…
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101 Gold Guides that Still Work in 2016

Since 2010, TGQ has given you over 400 blog posts with tips, guides, information, opinions and inspiration. Here are 101 of the best that are still good today.   The Shocking Reason You Need Help to Get World of Warcraft Gold …

Free Gold Making Email Course Launched

I launched my Free Gold Making Email Course over the weekend, and livestreamed on Twitch.TV to promote it. Totally thrilled that 136 players have joined the Gold Making email course in the first 24 hours. What can you learn? 1. The…

How to Reverse Engineer All Your Sales - for results

Reverse Engineering a Sale Players come to me on twitter or email me and ask "where can I get lots of gold?" and I have to tell you guys: "you're doing it wrong". You're thinking from the end goal, rather than the methods! I think…

Farming Isle of Giants 2016

Farming Isle of Giants Farming is good for making gold, but it gets very boring very fast, and the amount that you make is limited by the mobs and your killing ability not by your intelligence and quick wits. That's why I recommend farming…
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What's Your Gold Making Secret?

WoWinsider asked what is your gold making secret at their Breakfast Topic on 8th July. I wrote a quick n dirty response on a notepad and posted it up. All these tips are timeless, and will last you forever.   Know your buyers: What…