Warlords of Draenor Garrisons Mission Farming and Shipyard Optimisation.

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Preparing your Legion Professions - Fishing

Preparing your Legion Professions - Fishing Preparing your Legion Professions - Fishing Enjoying the Garrison Fishing raids? Lots of players have been taking advantage of the personal-loot-in-groups change in World of Warcraft Patch 7.0…

How Do I Farm 200 Garrison Resources Fast?

How Do I Farm 200 Garrison Resources Fast?   Answer: Tanaan Jungle   Why would you want Garrison Resources? To send followers on missions - to make gold To equip ships with equipment for shipyard missions - to make…
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Where to re-start Gold Making in Warcraft

Where to re-start Gold Making in Warcraft It's hard to come back into world of warcraft after taking a break. It's even harder when there is an expectation that you can immediately make 60,000g+ per month in order to pay for the subscription…
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Garrison Guide

Garrison Guide Your garrison in Warlords of Draenor is your base of operations.  It's also the most lucrative place to get gold in World of Warcraft. With your garrison at peak efficiency, you can get gold from the missions, and also from…

When to make Warcraft Gold

Timing is everything.   Your routine is essential.  Organising yourself is essential. Time is money friend, and if you're not using your most valuable resource to its peak efficiency, then you are robbing yourself of gold, of…

Blood, Gold and Regret

Blood, Gold and Regret Shipyard Mission "The New Blingtron's Vault" Shipyard mission updated in 6.2.1 PTR notes. Blood, Gold, and Regret "Seizing a fortune proved this destroyer's undoing. Its crew turned on each other, only to become…
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Ogrecoming Adversity

Ogrecoming Adversity A brief tip today about a rare garrison mission that gave me 12,000g. Ogrecoming Adversity Garrison Mission reward is a [Huge Ogre Cache]. The item grants 1000 Garrison Resources, but it is BoE and sells very well…
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Should I Vendor or Disenchant my Greens ? Part 2

How to Post Your Junk Greens from Salvage Yard on the Auction House (without tearing your hair out) Following on from the last blog post, you almost certainly discovered an enormous pile of potential sellers from your garrison Salvage Crates,…
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Should I Vendor or Disenchant my Greens? Part 1

Vendor Your Uncommon Green Items? There is a running joke at the moment with other gold makers and gold farmers that you should never vendor your greens.  But I want to show you the exception to that rule. I'm going to show you the easy…