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Obliterum Forge
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My Legion Weekend Work

My Legion Weekend Work This weekend, the Gold Queen:  Watched Fiamma and Bredar on Twitch Watched Faid from Nerf Faid new video Dug into Umren's Obliterum guide and made 98k Sold Dreadleather Bindings and Gravenscale Armbands …

Brightpaw Giveaway

Warcraft Pet Giveaway Let's celebrate Legion!   How to enter Find me on Twitter Look for the keyword that I post. Comment below with the keyword in a sentence.  Don't just post the keyword! Rules One pet. EU or…

Things I sell

Gold Queen Products Just wanted to clarify and give you a quick run down on my products: 1) The blog (You are reading it!) 1a) Blog-by-email suitable for blog readers who don't want to come back to the blog and check for new guides and…
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How the New Loot Rules in 7.0 Can Quadruple Your Drops

How the New Loot Rules in 7.0 Can Triple Your Drops New loot drop changes in 7.0 had an awesome effect on your chance to get rare and expensive loot! Previously, one character kills one mob gets one opportunity to loot an item/s from that…
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101 Gold Guides that Still Work in 2016

Since 2010, TGQ has given you over 400 blog posts with tips, guides, information, opinions and inspiration. Here are 101 of the best that are still good today.   The Shocking Reason You Need Help to Get World of Warcraft Gold …

Big news: Patreon Launch, Alpha News, Gold Guide

Blog Update Been a while since I wrote, so I wanted to check in with everyone, and share the news. Bad news first.  My promise of entrance into the World of Warcraft: Legion Alpha back in January still hasn't materialised, despite a reminder…

Gold Queen BRB

The Gold Queen blog is going into hibernation for a few short weeks because I want to focus on Legion prep I have a Legion Alpha invite (from Zarhym, ty <3) I have a whole new website to build for this I've been suffering from severe…

2015 in Review

2015 in Review Looking back at 2015, it was an amazing year. What did I do in 2015? Re-started Livestreaming on Twitch and gained my first 1,000 followers.  Inspired by WKJezz and Nomanis especially. Connected with 4,000 people on Twitter. Came…
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Red vs Blue

Red versus Blue wrapping paper For this Winters Veil, 2015-6, I thought I would have a little fun and challenge readers to a contest. Regular readers will recall the "Copper Rod Squad", a very old gold making method where the player simply…

10 Year Anniversary Party

Your invitation to my 10 Year Anniversary Party I started playing World of Warcraft in October 2005 and rolled my first character, a purple haired night elf druid. She is still my main today. That's 10 years playing the same character…

Getting to Know Your Queen

Gold Queen Trivia Time! Hello Warcraft Players My real name is Alyzande, you can call me Sandy. I've been writing TGQ since 2010 and realised that most of you don't know much about me. I got the name "The Gold Queen" after a funny…

Here is what happens when Warcraft players decide to help a single mom afford her game subscription.

Here is what happens when Warcraft players decide to help a single mom afford her game subscription. I'm still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor.   Here's the full story from the beginning A very few of you know that I was…

How Did You Earn 19 Million Gold?

How Did You Earn 19 Million Gold? If I had a copper for every time I was asked, I would have 19 million gold. Determination - Not giving up when things fail. I once lost all my stock when I was away from WoW for too long. Trial and error…

AH Costs Not Rising

Hope you enjoyed the April Fool's joke yesterday. How is your gold making coming along? I have another two guides scheduled to be published this weekend.  Free as always. Hope they help you. Let me know. About the Author The Gold…

AH Costs Changes to Cover WoW Token Costs

AH Costs Changes to Cover WoW Token Costs in Patch 6.1.4   WoW Token Item Level 1 Binds when picked up "Use: Adds 30 days of game time to your World of Warcraft account."   [blizzardquote author="Blizzard Entertainment"…
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Should I Vendor or Disenchant my Greens? Part 1

Vendor Your Uncommon Green Items? There is a running joke at the moment with other gold makers and gold farmers that you should never vendor your greens.  But I want to show you the exception to that rule. I'm going to show you the easy…

Become a guest poster!

LF1M Make Gold Are you interested in leaving a guest post on the Gold Queen, sharing your ideas with other gold-makers, let me know.  I'm looking for FIVE new guest posts to queue during the next month! Guests posts are welcome at the…


Always Make sure all your followers and your alts' followers are busy with a garrison mission. Ensure your assets are available for purchase on the Auction House. Post regularly. Cancel and repost. Treat your competitors and buyers with…
Free Daily Gold Cheet Sheet

Daily Gold Cheat Sheet

Dailies were nerfed in Warlords of Draenor but there are still a series of steps to take every day in order to maximise your gold income.  From managing your garrisons, farming those mines/gardens, to running a quick heroic, and re-crafting…
Free Daily Gold Cheet Sheet

Good Morning Azeroth

Shall I bring the Gold Queen back? Hey, I miss you.  I wondered if you might be missing me too. I've been quietly playing WoW since Jan 2013, pugging alone then finding a guild, fiddling with the WoW auction houses and then unable to…