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Mysterious Essence and the Enchanters Shuffle

Posted by on 5 Oct 2012 in Advanced Gold Making, Auction House, Auctionator, Enchanting, Lil Sparkys Workshop, Pandaria | 4 comments

New for Mists of Pandaria Step by Step instructions for profiting   Background to the Mysterious Essence Shuffle In Wrath of the Lich...

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Over My Shoulder Auctions Sell

Posted by on 2 Mar 2012 in Auction House, Enchanting, Jewelcrafting, leatherworking | 2 comments

An over-my-shoulder view of my auctions today. Names blurred to protect the buyers. Shifting Shadow Spinel Buy for 190g, cut, sell for...

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Leatherworkers, Cure Your Hides!

Posted by on 26 Feb 2012 in Auction House, leatherworking | Comments Off

Cured Rugged Hide Cured Thick Hide Cured Heavy Hide Cured Medium Hide Cured Light Hide A reminder to Leatherworkers A small but steady...

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Gordok Ogre Suits (again) 380g Profit

Posted by on 23 Feb 2012 in Auction House, leatherworking, tailoring | 2 comments

Gordok Ogre Suit Materials Cost 19g 21s Selling Price 400g. Gordok Ogre Suit costs under 20g to craft according to Lil Sparky’s...

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The Gold Queens Guide to World of Warcraft Remote; or how to make warcraft gold from hospital bed with only a bad tempered smart phone for company.

Posted by on 18 Dec 2011 in WoW Remote | 6 comments

Subscribe to WoW remote. It’s an option you can find under the account management options. Flex your credit card. Have...

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My Gold Gaming Buddy Part 2 of 2

Posted by on 14 Dec 2011 in Advanced Gold Making, Auction House, Rich Elite | 14 comments

Moving to a new World of Warcraft Server Yesterday I told you about my culture shock moving from being the gold godfather queen of a small...

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