Vendor Your Uncommon Green Items?

There is a running joke at the moment with other gold makers and gold farmers that you should never vendor your greens.  But I want to show you the exception to that rule.

I’m going to show you the easy way to choose whether you should Vendor, Disenchant, or Sell on the Auction House.

Once you have TSM installed, and the databases populated either with TSM Desktop App, or with a Full Scan of the AH, you will be able to mouseover your item and see a comparable set of values in the improved tooltip.

(Download Trade Skill Master as part of the Gold Queen Addons Suite at Curse)


TSM AuctionDB:

  • Min Buyout
  • Market Value
  • Historical Price
  • Global Min Buyout Avg
  • Global Market Value Avg
  • Global Historical Price
  • Global Sale Average
  • Vendor Price

and for greens, blues, and purples you can see also the disenchanting values.

In the example above, we can see Market Value (my server!) of 50g 26s, the Global Sale Average of 27g 29s, Vendor value 26g 54s and Disenchant value of 46 silver.

From here its a simple case of choosing whichever is the biggest number: Whether the item sells best on the AH, whether it should be disenchanted or *wince* vendored.  If you don’t have an enchanter character, or any enchanting buildings in your garrison/s, then ask a guild mate or friend if you can use their enchanting building to d/e.

The mace shown is quite a tricky example, because the Global Sale Average is only slightly higher from Vendor price.  The realm price is higher, but on balance, I have to make the call between “how many times might I need to relist this on the AH in order to sell”, and “is that extra amount of gold worth my time“.  And because the realm data is higher than the global data, is my realm overpriced already?  If you have Mogit or if you just view the item on your paper doll, you can check the looks of the weapon/armor to double check whether it might be useful for mogging sales

In this example shown, I have made the tricky decision to actually vendor this green. It is not worth much more than the vendor value, if I were to sell on the AH.  It’s worth almost nothing if it’s disenchanted.  You would be richer if you sold this item on to a vendor (26g) then bought the disenchant materials (46s) from the AH.


Things of which to be wary:

  • Could it be used for mogging? Check the transmogrifications snatch lists
  • If it could be used by a leveling player, are you taking into account the secondary stats?  … of the whale is not a popular item stat.
  • Fist weapons, wands, and offhands are not easy to sell.  They can sell, but take into account that they will be more difficult.


In the next blog post I write, I’ll show you How To put these trashy greens through the Auction House, and sell them to players who need/want them, and to make thousands of gold every day from the junk greens you find in your Salvage Crates.


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