Being a Trendsetter And Not A Follower

World of Warcraft is an investment in time.  looking into future opportunities of making gold.

Being first in life for profits gives gold makers that much more of an advantage from the pack.


Are You A Sheep Or A Wolf

If you play World of Warcraft for any amount of time you will  hear the latest place to farm.

The latest mob that people can hit like a Piñata for gold and prizes


Once a piece of information gets out into the public,  there will always be a mass run to farm, kill, skin or obliterate the area in the hopes of winning the lottery.



There will always be Trends to follow

Whether it is the latest farming route,  latest get rich quick gold making idea.
Once a piece of information is revealed the pack collapses on the area and feeds until it is empty.

Being able to develop your own tips,  taking an idea,  allowing you to make a plan and take action.




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1.   Each Item In Your Inventory Can Make Gold

A piece of ore, an herb or even a new item that drops.
Each of those items can be converted,  crafted or sold for a profit.

Finding the best way to use that item and see the gold potential will put you ahead of the market.


2.   Your Mind Is Your Best Addon


Many addons promise to make gold making easier.
Every one of them will make the mechanics of making gold easier.

But why not know how the addon makes it’s decisions?

How does your favorite addon choose pricing?
Decide what to craft?
How does it get those important numbers?
What will happen if the addon goes down and you’re on your own?

Knowing how to do these things without addons will make the work of addons that much stronger.


3.   Information Is Your Weapon

How you choose to obtain information gives you access to keys to the gold making kingdom.
Each little bit adds to where you can look for gold in the game.

Subscribing to your favorite gold making site (that’s us right?) will set you above others who rely on information the pack obtains.

Being a Patreon member to your favorite gold maker site (that’s us again) also allows you to step outside
what others see and make your own pathways to making your Warcraft fortune.


4.   Time is Money Friend

You will see many times both TGQ and I will post #TIMEISMONEYFRIEND.

Not just being a cute saying.  Whether you spend 10 minutes or 10 hours. Spending your time wisely in what gold making chores you do is important.

Reading a patch notes for profession changes can put you ahead of most instead of just waiting for the market to dictate your next step.

Your time is a greatest resource.   Spend it wisely.

While others are eating the crumbs left by the pack,  you can become the baker of the bread.

Creating your own tips,  using your knowledge to lead the pack will let you add more gold
and time into your resources.

Sinking your wolf teeth into more profits.


Good Luck and Good Profit Hunting

About The Gold Dragon

The Gold Dragon is part of The Gold Queen’s “royal” court.  He began making gold his way in Azeroth 8+ years ago. Soon he took his menagerie of crafters and gatherers all the way to the legion HQ and beyond.  I’ve always believed in helping people if they ask and showing people that you do not have to be a Goblin Engineer to make gold in World of Warcraft. Many of the lessons I’ve learned in obtaining gold in WoW I’ve also adapted to my personal life. I have gained and spent over 8 million gold. Spending on personal items and helping my guildmates. Dancing on Azerothian mailboxes for gold tips is just a hobby.  I believe that everyone can make gold if they want to!

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