I’m proud of you

I’m proud of you H, a member officer in my guild who made friends with me and who I helped with tips and tricks with starting to make gold, mostly in the AH, in world of warcraft.  With just some more hugs and encouragement, he upped his game, taught himself more strategies and ideas, and really started to enjoy making gold.  He didn’t need my help anymore.

A few days ago he whispered me “I made the gold cap”.  Congratulations H, you’ve come a long way, and I’m proud of you.

I’m humbled by you

I’m humbled by you, the reader, because last night I was randomly browsing my google stats and discovered I had 10,000 views.  It’s a huge leap from the number I expected to ever read this blog (think 6-10 readers!) Thank you so very much.

I’m cranky with you

I’m cranky with you, mr anonymous buyer on my server.  You see, after some encouragement from my twitter friends, I decided to take the plunge and buy the swift spectral tiger for 600,000g in my AH. I told my guild, took a deep breath and clicked buyout.  “Are you sure?” asked the AH.  “Yes,” I replied.  “Tough luck,” said the AH, “Someone else just bought it”.

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The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With many level 100s, 9 years expertise in making gold, 10 garrisons, 16k achievements, 1505 days played, and over 18m gold earned. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing World of Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling snatch lists, and farming gold making.


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  1. Guy
    Guy says:

    Last guildmate i shared gold making tips with ended up being my number 1 competition on the server. I don’ tell people shit anymore.

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      I actually have another friend in my guild who is part of the gold-blogging community, and a very clever gold maker.

      With him, H and me all in the same guild, I think we must be the richest guild on the server!! We all seem to still be making a lot of gold. H is over 1 million, and my other friend and I are just under 1 mill (see why I refuse to get gold cap here)

      I occasionally notice one or other of them undercut me, but that is the nature of TSM and Auctionator, it doesn’t show the name of the person you are undercutting, in the way that old Quick Auctions did. So I know it’s not personal. I’ve probably done it to them at some point.

      As I say, I’m happy for them to be making gold. It doesn’t stop me making gold. I’m proud of how good at making gold they both are.

      Have you tried chatting with your guildmate and competitor, and letting him know that he’s making it hard for you to enjoy the game? I occasionally chat to my 2 competitors and say “I’m going to post a load of glyphs this evening, so if you want to put yours up, do it now, otherwise we’ll be competing” or say “You take the enchanting market this week, I cant be bothered with it!”

  2. grimreaver
    grimreaver says:

    Why else accumulate all that gold other than to put it to some use? that use could either be to make more gold or buy anything you want. Enjoy your purchases Samuel as very few others get to do so. GQ, I’m sure you’ll get the next one!

    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      As a gold blogger, I feel I ought to have quite a lot of liquid gold cash hanging around. So my big purchases can be quite impulsive and emotional and regreted afterwards (crimson deathcharger, I’m looking at you!)

  3. Samuel
    Samuel says:

    I just comissioned someone for 300k to buy the chicken mount one ebay and trade it to me in game.
    Then the next day, I got the spectral tiger on the AH for 175k.

    I’m down to 104k, feel soooo poor now.

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