Ode to the Nelf on the Mammoth

So big and so clever up on your mount
I’ve begged you to move or lose your account

Over my mailbox you’ve gone and parked
Tagged AFK? I’m getting narked…

I need to get through to pick up my gold
How will I know how many auctions have sold?

If I can’t get through to open my mail?
Your reverse-parking is a complete fail.

I’ve been trying to click on the mailbox for hours
But to get you to move? Beyond my powers.

At last your guild master arrives
On his massive chopper, over he drives

But he vrooms up and down and revs and chugs
Two nelfs on mounts, chuckling like thugs

As screw it, I’ll set up my own Moll-E
and finally pick up my auctions – whoopee!

3 replies
  1. Uriul
    Uriul says:

    The mammoth is actually the best (for the rest of us) mount they could be on, since you can simply go *inside* the mammoth and click on the mailbox… mounts that are large enough to cover the mailbox without swallowing it are more annoying.

    Oh, and if they’re AFK, baby spice!

    Still, no idea why Blizz doesn’t add collision detection to the mailboxes.

  2. Kammler
    Kammler says:

    I feel your pain. Happens about once per week on my server, usually on a weekend.

    Reporting to Blizz is a failure. The GM answer is “we put in a bunch of new mailboxes so you can go to another one”.

    Reporting to his Guildmaster? Never seems to work but might be a viable strategy.

    In the end I just moved my AH toon to Dalaran. Never happens there. The run from the AH to the bank is longer so I eventually move back to the Dwarven District until it happens again.

    On a side note, I wsp’d a mailbox parker once and told him I’d give him 1,000g to move. He opened a trade window so I put in 500k gold and let it sit for about 10 secs. Then I cancelled the trade and told him to kiss my ass. Got a nice rofl out of it anyway. He wsp me for a loan about 3 times so I reported him for begging and spamming. I think Blizz did do something about that.

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