And the white rabbit jumped into Wonderland.

That’s how I felt when I got an email last night from my long-time mate and gold clever-clogs Jon Kenins. 144 challengers are officially entered into Gold Speed Run VI, making it the biggest speed run ever.  And I’m not in the race! Argh. I’m late. And I can’t get to a PC.

I’ve asked Jon to find me a random server and reserve me a place, just in case I can get out of here in the next week or 2. My ego is (over-)inflated enough to think I can catch up!

What is Gold Speed Run?

Gold Speed Run is a free-to-enter competition for members of Jon’s Massive Gold Blueprint guide and for members of the new guide written and compiled over October, “Gold Speed Run Guide”. It’s a day-by-day 30 day video guide to give you the best advantage in the race. It took so long to make because we kept adding bonus after bonus. Pdfs, daily agendas, then 30+ daily video reports from each of the last three gold speed run races filmed over-the-shoulder with every tip analyzed, explained and followed up. Each GSR race is also usually accompanied by free teamspeak access for live tip-sharing, laughter and encouragement.

If you don’t fancy joining this gold speed run, then you can do your own GSR. Alto was thinking about doing one. Just roll a level 1 on a new server, and see how much gold you can make without external support in 30 days. It’s a good exercise in learning addons and the rise and fall of commodity prices.

I’m pretty sure I’m currently placed 145th out of 144 “runners” but I know a few readers are amongst the 144. So please let me know how you’re doing! Last speed run birthed new blogs and new friends. So let me know so I can link up.

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1. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll, 1865. Image: Disney
2. The Matrix, Wachowski bros, Warner bros 1999
3. Massive Gold Blueprint. Affiliate link.
4. Gold Speed Run guide. Affiliate link.

5 replies
  1. Greygamer
    Greygamer says:

    Difficult to make this balanced as servers have different average values for goods. I base this on personal experience.
    Has anyone come up with a way of indexing the different realms? I used the price of copper in an experiment.

    Recently I used TUJ to rank English EU realms where copper ore had a higher than average value. Rolled a couple of new characters on one of the more expensive realms, one for each faction but both the same class. The result after 4 days and approx 7 hours played on each (both have reached level 16) is 826/846 gold excluding outstanding auctions. Compare this with another realm and you might have less than half that using the same methods!

    Available playing time is also a factor. As you can see I have only been playing casually, less than 2 hours/day on each character (no cross realm trading).

    So how is this being balanced? Or is it just luck of the draw?

    FYI I started with a short list of 53 realms, all of the top 13 realms were PvP (2 were RP PvP), but you could make a list for PvE realms. Realm population also seems to be a factor, these were all high pop realms.

  2. shadowbolts
    shadowbolts says:

    Having a blast at present and think i may be 2nd on the cross faction standings although will see at the end of the week when everyone posts there totals. Dont give up Lyssy your doing great 🙂

  3. Lyssy
    Lyssy says:

    Thought I’d give it a go – loads of info in the forum, already learnt a fair bit. Not got off to a flying start but then I always preferred the tortoise to the hare 🙂 Just hope I can keep it going for 30 days – not known for my staying power 🙂

  4. Matojo (@furiey)
    Matojo (@furiey) says:

    That sounds like a hell of a lot of fun. I sometimes get the bug to do this sort of thing, alas, my attention span is fairly gnat-like, ahaha.

    Good luck to all the runners!

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