Did you know that the Gold Queen blog is available in several different languages, translation provided by Google, with “Bens translator”?  Choose your language in the sidebar, or try the following links.

ITALIANO http://www.thegoldqueen.com/it/blog/

PORTUGUES http://www.thegoldqueen.com/pt/blog/

DEUTSCH http://www.thegoldqueen.com/de/blog/

FRANCAIS http://www.thegoldqueen.com/fr/blog/

ESPANOL http://www.thegoldqueen.com/es/blog/

العربية al-‘arabiyyah http://www.thegoldqueen.com/ar/blog/

русский http://www.thegoldqueen.com/ru/blog/

Ελληνικά http://www.thegoldqueen.com/el/blog/

NEDERLANDS http://www.thegoldqueen.com/nl/blog/

POLSKI http://www.thegoldqueen.com/pl/blog/

SVENSKA http://www.thegoldqueen.com/sv/blog/

PIRATES  Ye Bullion wench aint ye’ been translated, ar but ye can try http://www.syddware.com/cgi-bin/pirate.pl , shipmate.

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  1. Vayaz
    Vayaz says:

    I like the Pirate translation. Arr!

    Anyway, Google’s translation services are quite okay-ish for simple phrases or single words, but let’s just say it reads REALLY awkward when used for anything beyond that.
    I’d rather read the original (English) edition than torture myself with something like an automatically translated website. Shouldn’t everyone be able to understand English nowadays anyway, or are they just telling us stuff like that to keep up our motivation in school? 🙁

    PS: I like the new “comment submit form”, though it still lacks a ‘Preview’ button!
    But… BUT… those changing background images are rather annoying. And I mean, really. This isn’t supposed to be a cheesy Powerpoint Presentation, is it? Just stating, don’t be offended!

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