This is my personal list of world of warcraft bloggers who have influenced me in my gold making and in my blog posts recently.

When I first started my blog over at I was responding to requests from server mates (hello <Devotion> at Steamwheedle Cartel EU!) who wanted to know my gold making methods. I had no idea how to post or what to post, and the first few posts were actually fairly private, simple celebrations for completing self-made achievements in gold making. I was reading the blog of a guild mate who was charting our PVE progression that influenced me to make that first post.

Over the last 6 months (has it really been that long) I began to surf from one gold-making blog to another, following the links on the blog roll and discovered not only a tight community of friends, but a group of quality writers, skilled gold makers, and bloggers who listened to the problems of their readers. I was privileged to be included on their bloglists as my writing style has developed and matured. For reasons why you should just go ahead and start a blog, even though you don’t think you’re a writer, see The Illuminated Mind and why it’s important to fail.

All the blogs I’ve listed are in Alphabetical order, because none is ‘better’ than another, they each offer a different perspective. I’ve also kept the list very short because it’s a list of bloggers who have influenced me personally. There are a growing number of gold blogs of constantly rising quality that are supportive of each other.

My blogroll outgrew the space available in my sidebar, so I made them their own resources page.

Recommended by the gold queen


Another blogger who has invested in a move from blogspot to self-hosting, you can find his blog at Anaalius gets direct to the point with his posts, in a clean user-friendly website. I like that he explains the reasoning behind his strategies.
His must read posts are

Power Word Gold

Already reviewed PW:G because of the mind-dazzling quality of the posts, PW:G has since stepped up quantity as well. Here are two of my suggested posts to read:


Zoxy very recently stopped blogging, in a move that shocked us all. That doesn’t stop his blog being my favourite. This is quite possibly due to Zoxy being a Top Bloke in general. You can still access his archive at He probably hugely underestimates the extent to which he will be missed in the gold bloggers world.

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    • The Gold Queen
      The Gold Queen says:

      I am speaking to a reader who told me he was really impressed with the quality of the blogs linked here, and spent 2 hours yesterday surfing around!

  1. Altolycus
    Altolycus says:

    Thanks for the love GQ! You have a great list there, and there are a ton of other great blogs too! Check out any of our blogrolls (where’d yours go?) for sites not mentioned above!

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