(update note: this blog post is now out of date)

How would you like your Gold Queen Served Today?

Amazon Kindle Flavor?  Certainly sir!

Today was a very slow but ultimately very exciting day for me. The big news first is that TGQ was accepted by Amazon to be published on Kindle which is very sexy indeed.

A warm welcome to new readers who have joined us on Kindle. I indulged in one for myself last year, and find it invaluable. Sometimes it feels so much like a book that I try and physically turn the page!

E-Mail Flavor?  Yes ma’am!

The other great news is that, if I have got all the technology working properly, you should now be able to sign up to read TGQ via email with a new RSS to e-mail daily blog newsletter!

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And to encourage you to use the new service, I’m going to offer you a FREE copy of The Gold Queen’s Guide to Gold Every Day (my detailed daily routines)  This is a little ebook I’ve put together, which details my daily routines and guides you around my time management schedule that I try to complete every day in order to make the most gold from all my professions. As a bonus, I’ve also included a look at a daily checklist, and two types of weekly checklist that can help you automate and drive more gold straight into your embersilk bags!

You may have to bear with me as I get to grips with the new blog-by-e-mail proprietary technology, but with a little luck, we’ll have it steadily announcing itself at 9.30am EST on every day that I post one or more entries to the blog.

I hope you will excuse me from a daily post today, if I do any more work I think I will go BANG! Normal service will resume in the next day or two.

In the meantime, if you get any problems with signing up to the blog for the free ebook, just let me know and I’ll take an arcanite spanner to the gyro-widget-thingy.

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  1. The Gold Queen
    The Gold Queen says:

    I'm very excited over here.

    Kindle Blogs are still in Beta, and it does feel very experimental at the moment. As I understand it, it is working simply from the RSS feed, in the exact same way that the email subscription works.

    The difference is, you have to pay Amazon £1.99 for the privilege of having it delivered to your Kindle. To have it delivered to your email is free. And you get a shiny ebook as a "thank you".

    Amazon sets the price of the blog, I'm afraid I have no say over it, and they don't pay blog publishers very much either. I wanted to join simply for the flexibility of being able to read TGQ anywhere, in any way that you want.

    Some more information on Kindle Publishing

    I'm anxiously awaiting the first posts out by both methods, to check that I've got everything right.

  2. Altolycus
    Altolycus says:

    WoW! Going global! Good luck with your new adventure, and I hope you have some great sales! What is it? A weekly update? Or your blog posts? I am so confused?!

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