Thank you for all your comments on yesterday’s post about the new Mini-Guide.  Writing is all finished, and I’m just distributing it to the guys who offered to preview and help straighten out any last kinks.  This weekend I’ll be hunched over my desk trying to write a sales page that tells you about the benefits.  I’m not a great copywriter, heh, so I expect I’ll be cranky again on Monday.  If you are not already on my news list, now would be a good time to join, so that you can benefit from the big pre-launch discount that I’ll be sending out.


Good News

From Monday, I’m going to be officially “employed” by which makes me either a pro blogger, a pro gamer, or just plain lucky. For me, that means I’ll be focused on writing more guides, spending more time in the forum, being available on twitter, researching more gold making on World of Warcraft, and hopefully bringing you more articles, news and answering more questions.  For you, that means I’ll continue to write blog posts, and be available for you if you need a hand to get more gold.

I’m working with a coaching client this week, and hopefully releasing the second mini-guide, and also having both children off school for the summer holidays (vacation).  Apart from that, you can contact me, use the contact form for email, or tweet @thegoldqueen on twitter. So let me know what I can do for you.

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