With Blizzcon starting to fade as a memory, there were some WOW economy items that were announce that might have been missed from all that was unveiled at the extravaganza.

These items will change or allow more opportunities in the game to add to your gold pile.

Introduction To New Allied Race Racials



Both the Zandalari and Kul’ Tiran races received racial bonuses that affect your WOW gold creation


Kul’ Tiran Human Allied Race




Jack of All Trades is similar to the Racials for many of the other Races.  The racial ability will boost all crafting professions.


Zandalari Troll Allied Race




Zandalari Trolls will be able to loot more gold per monster looted.
The percentage is still unknown but even 5% more can add up quickly as you are running through quests.

New Dubloon Vendor And New Island Expeditions

With new expeditions comes more opportunities to obtain Expedition doubloons.  The panels introduced a new Dubloon Vendor that have BOE pets that can be sold on the AH



From between 100-200 doubloons per pet,  you can see where players that don’t want to spend the time doing island expeditions would be very interested in purchasing vanity and battle pets from the auction house.



Heroic Island Expeditions

Along with this new vendor came the introduction of 10 person Heroic Expeditions.   A group of players can join at the same time with added rewards and difficulty



Another opportunity for Paid ‘carries’ in a raiding situation.  Very lucrative for a guild or a group of like minded players.

Fist Weapon Transmogs


One of the biggest requests for transmog advocates is the ability to change fist weapons into other weapons.

Changes in what can be transmogged always brings on a rush of players to get that ‘cool look’ for their characters.
This gives more opportunities to sell one handed daggers and swords on the auction house.


Whomper – New Charity Benefit Pet


Whomper is the new pet that Blizzard sells every year to support a charity.  With each adoption a donation is sent to Code.org to support empowering schools with access to high technology and empowering females and minority in the realms of technology

Spending a little of that in game gold can help support an excellent non-profit organization.

Days of Blizzcon Gold Making

Both large and small announcements can affect the future of your gold making.   Taking advantage of information,  planning and executing for investments can put your gold making into hyper drive.|


Good Luck and Good Gold Hunting


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Having gained and spent over 8 million gold. Buying personal items and helping my guildmates.
Dancing on Azerothian mailboxes for gold tips is just a hobby.  I believe that everyone can make gold if they want to learn.

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