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  1. One entry per person.
  2. Entrants age 18+
  3. Closing date for entries 26 April 2011 12.00 GMT
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  5. No third or more entry.
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All you have to do is leave me a comment below and tell me:

What is your biggest problem or worry about making gold in world of warcraft?

(note: I’m hoping to use the answers as future blog topics, so please offer genuine answers! )


twitpiAbout the Author

The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With many level 100s, 9 years expertise in making gold, 10 garrisons, 16k achievements, 1505 days played, and over 18m gold earned. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing World of Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling snatch lists, and farming gold making.

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  1. reg4c
    reg4c says:

    Definitely, my biggest issue is the fact that I’m scared to make big investments. Talking in the sense that once I become heavily invested in something the market for it will crash.

    That’s the reason why I didn’t cash in on the Whiptail respawn increase. Stacks were going for as low as 20g and I could’ve had a few hundred of them to sell in a week for at least double that but I was scared to take the plunge.

  2. RyanKirschbaum
    RyanKirschbaum says:

    What is your biggest problem or worry about making gold in World of Warcraft?

    Although a well-known issue, my biggest problem is catching off-peak market times. I work quite often, so sleep is important. However, most gold farmers post the bulk of their sale overnight. Since I try to get as much sleep as possible, I have an alarm set for approximately 3:30, so that I can wake up and check TUJ or the Auction House to see if ore/herbs have been posted. Generally speaking, they are and if they’re under a certain amount, I will buy them and can essentially turn them for an immediate profit. An additional bonus is that the Jewelcrafting daily resets at 3:00, so I get the jump on selling all my uncommon gems.

  3. Thomas Baldwin
    Thomas Baldwin says:

    My biggest worry/concern is plateauing. I’m still a wee babe making gold (a little over 70k liquid) with two professions. Leveling up another character to get another couple professions but I always worry about running into a wall. Not that I really spend my gold on anything anyway… Maybe once I hit 100k.

  4. sm4k
    sm4k says:

    My biggest problem making gold is two fold:

    1) My most direct competitor is the #1 seller on the server, according to TheUndermineJournal.
    2) Every time I reach a level of gold where I can afford to diversify, I wind up blowing it on upgrades for the character. Not a bad thing (what else is gold for, anyway?), but it slows down the earning process.

  5. LP
    LP says:

    My biggest problem? Making over 25k in gold. I would like to have about 100k to spend on frivolous things, but I can’t stick with anything to make that sort of money.

  6. Renê Schneider
    Renê Schneider says:

    What is your biggest problem or worry about making gold in world of warcraft?

    For sure is following a good guide but still lost money, also im really afraid of being scammed every time i make a transaction.

  7. Saki
    Saki says:

    What is my biggest problem or worry about making gold in World of Warcraft?

    Well, my biggest problem is dealing with bots constantly driving the prices of my gems down(although i love all the cheap ore). My biggest worry is that epic gems do not come from pyrite.

  8. Waipahu
    Waipahu says:

    What is your biggest problem or worry about making gold in world of warcraft?

    My biggest problem is my ever growing reliance on gold blogs/forums/podcasts/etc. Now don’t get me wrong, I love all the useful information. It has gotten me a lot of gold, but playing this game has I’ve always been about making my own experiences. Too often I find myself just following other peoples guides on how to spec a certain way, how to do a certain rotation, how to do such and such shuffle, etc. For once, I would just like to stumble upon something so completely fresh, that I could genuinely call the experience my own.

  9. Sinshroud
    Sinshroud says:

    Well you kind of split the question into two parts, biggest problem and/or biggest concern. So I will give you TWO! – one for each 🙂

    1) My biggest problem with making gold in World of Warcraft is that it is addictive. The more you make the more you want. Also as soon as you find a new strategy or gold secret, or as soon as you get some extremely successful sales it makes you want to play more and more.
    Now my problem with this is, balancing wow and real life. When I’m on a winning streak at the AH I tend to get too little sleep!

    2) My biggest concern is getting hacked. I’ve been playing wow since pre-bc and have never ever been hacked. I think pretty much ALL of my friends have, some even multiple times. I do not have an authenticator either.
    For me it’s going to be something that I will only get after I eventually get hacked which is pretty stupid but thats me.

  10. Brett Sloan
    Brett Sloan says:

    I worry about taking too big of a risk. Even if I had a million gold, the thought of filling a dozen bank tabs with one item because I think maybe something interesting is about to happen would seem a little insane to me.
    I had to watch the volatile life/volatile air market for weeks before I was sure I was comfortable with the price fluctuations and could spot a good deal on lifes for the alchemy transmute.
    If and when I ever do convince myself that a deal is solid, I jump in with both feet, but getting to that point is a real challenge for me.

  11. Nanoha
    Nanoha says:

    The biggest problem regarding making gold in wow is for me combating bots. AH bots are becoming more and more common and especially if you look at things like glyphs & gems. I play on a highly populated server and therefore there are fierce competition already over these markets. Combating bots is very time consuming and require you to change niche on the market to keep making those gold coins.

  12. Fire
    Fire says:

    Biggest problem or worry, is missing out on the next big market to exploit, personally I missed out on glyphmas and the cata gem bonanza never appeared on my server. Flipping expensive items for profit can also sometimes be a worry if they are stuck on the AH for weeks without selling.
    I guess the other problem is what happens when i hit the cap (currently at 400k)

  13. Herf
    Herf says:

    My biggest worry about WoW guild making?
    That I’ll never have enough time. Every week, almost every day, I discover a new profitable market, but finding the time to streamline it and include it in my daily ritual is tough.

  14. laysee
    laysee says:

    Competing on the highest population server with techniques that are meant for niches with little to no competition, which don’t exist in this competitive world. Cross faction, rare pets, mats, and so on are all healthy markets, with a dozen or so players, ore is bought out and flipped constantly, shuffled and volatiles sit within a 2 gold range 99% of the time. I honestly dont want to be a farmer to make gold. I am currently sitting with 165k but I feel very small in that economy. Any market efficiency tips would be great.

  15. Annette
    Annette says:

    My biggest worry is that I will get so wrapped up in gold making that I forget to have fun playing the game.

    And my second is that I will continue to fritter my time half heartedly pursuing a market and failing to realise it because I am too scared to execute my scheme fully.

  16. Camo
    Camo says:

    My biggest issue is that I barely play the AH.
    Back in TBC when I leveled my first character I used to sell everything that I picked up, from greens to leather and ore (was a gatherer back then) to stuff like the Green Hills of Stranglethorn pages, I had about 300g and a tiny blue whelpling pet at level 30.
    But in WotLK I cut back and just sold glyphs, every green was disenchanted. Nowadays I’m shuffling Obsidium and vendoring everything except rares (stored in a bank tab to collect dust) despite having all professions at 450+/525 or max.

    I would like to see a kind of ‘Back to Business’ post that kicks my lazy *** and motivates me to dive back into auctioning.

    Cheers Camo

  17. Thelegend
    Thelegend says:

    My biggest worry about making gold is ironically the ever increasing time commitment as I delve deeper and deeper into the multitude of markets available in the world we call Warcraft.

    It always starts small, but then you spend those extra five minutes checking on that idea you had, or researching something you read on a well written gold blog, then all of a sudden it’s 2am and you realise those 5 minutes turned into 5 hours.

    I’m sure i’m not alone in this area, but at least we are enjoying ourselves along the way!

  18. Spug
    Spug says:

    I’d have to say my biggest concern, is my time. I help run a fairly active guild, and as such spend a lot of time character hopping to help people out. That doesnt leave a lot of AH time or dailies, and to compensate for that I try to refine my gold making activities to high yield or guarentee’d income activities.
    I dont ore crunch any more, because it takes too long, (unless I’m spamming recruitment in SW, then it isnt an issue) Instead I watch for low price gems, cut them, and vendor them. doesnt make me multiple thousands a day, but generally I can rely on at least 1k a day from that. I also sell Vial of the Sands. I stick one on the AH at 50k, which is server average for mine. and advertise one in trade chat whenever I’m in a city for 45k, I rarely sell the AH’d one, but use it as a “look, theres one on the AH for 50k, mine is cheaper!” option. If someone else posts too, and it turns to a bidding war, I just drop mine from the AH, and use theirs as the example instead. Saves me the 12 gold AH deposit.

    Anyway… This I worry about most… that my gold making will interfere with my socialising. I know for this question it should probably be the other way round, but with three kids, one of which is Autistic, I rarely get out of the house to see real people 🙂 My guild are my portal to the real world.

  19. Johnathon Miller
    Johnathon Miller says:

    One thing I worry about is tarnishing my reputation inside the game as a snob or hoarder by how much I obsess with making gold. I keep thinking, “I’ll stop once I hit 1 million, it should be enough” But it never is. =(

  20. Builtokill
    Builtokill says:

    My biggest worry while trying to make gold, is that whichever method i try to use will somehow fail, and i will:
    a) lose gold
    b) waste my time
    c) be stuck with an item which i can’t sell
    d) be constantly undercut, and selling the item is just not worth my time

  21. Urkuid
    Urkuid says:

    What is your biggest problem or worry about making gold in world of warcraft?

    My biggest Problem is that despite my desire to amass a huge pile of gold I can’t stop buying nice ‘shiney’ new things for my 2 Druids.

  22. Brainbug
    Brainbug says:

    What is your biggest problem or worry about making gold in world of warcraft?

    My biggest Problem that the “game” in the game is more attraktive than the original game, and I don’t want someone else be in my market 😀 so I use more time than I wanted infront of the pc, yeah that’s the problem.

  23. Outlawxtorn
    Outlawxtorn says:

    Competition. It’s always frustrating when someone steals or mining node or such. Or having everything you put in the auction house just to be undercut two seconds later to point you’re almost making no profit now. Competition.

  24. Brynjar
    Brynjar says:

    My biggest worry about making gold in wow….

    I don’t really have any. I make a toon, get either skinning/mining or skinning/herbalism, and sell it all on the auctionhouse… usually by level ten the toon has made around 100 – 150 gold, by lvl20 somewhere between 500 and 1000. And exponentially from there.

  25. Bangkok Bill
    Bangkok Bill says:

    My biggest problem/worry is that I will miss out on the one of the rare – but big – gold making opportunities. Events like glyphmas can make a HUGE change in your fortunes very, very quickly.

  26. Chris
    Chris says:

    What is my biggest problem or worry about making gold in WoW?

    Probably that no matter what I do to make money in game that I will not have enough to fund my raiding endeavors. I know that its silly, but with WoW being my escape and raiding my primary method of play, if I suddenly found that I couldn’t afford it any longer, I’d be crushed.

  27. Candace
    Candace says:

    One of my biggest worries is following one certain way of ‘making gold.’ As it stands right now, I’m farming high demand ore and herbs in order to get money to slowly level up my tailoring and enchanting. That is the last thing I want – To only farm for materials. Being a casual player, what time I have, I try to level my alts up to work on more professions or get my main geared for heroics and eventually raiding. I can’t spend all day on wow and do dailies, farm instances or what have you. I’m always up for learning new ways of making gold, but the one thing I hate is taking the time to really dig deep into the learning curve and hopefully finding another good way of making gold, because the amount of time it can consume to finding the one that works out of the many that don’t is really long for my play time and style. I don’t want to waste time on things that don’t work when I could be on things that do, and that’s why I don’t want to get stuck doing the same routine every day just to make a few extra gold.

  28. Liavan
    Liavan says:

    My biggest problem in making gold is that my 2 roommates and i both hash out our gold making schemes together as well as attempt to all make gold. this most the time puts us all in the same market, specially gems. so it really difficult to find a way to balance who is to sell what when. we have thought about just putting our bank toons in a guild together and all tossing in a few 100k gold each and just selling from one bank. then split it up at later. we all work pretty much 8-5 get home and all wanna go straight to posting.

  29. JoshDJX
    JoshDJX says:

    I’d like to enter as well!

    My biggest problem atm is knowing when the right time is to raise a certain market to keep it from crashing. (Gems ^^)

    – JoshDJX

  30. Erin L
    Erin L says:

    Sudden market price drops. While they happen to an extent, what happened with inscription in the last couple of months in terms of Darkmoon decks/cards is just scary.

  31. danny
    danny says:

    What is your biggest problem or worry about making gold in world of warcraft?

    im just worried that my RL friends will quit and ill be stuck w/ a bunch of shiny reasons to keep playing this while they move on to better games

  32. Katla
    Katla says:

    What is your biggest problem or worry about making gold in world of warcraft?

    That my markets will dry up.

  33. Jonathan
    Jonathan says:

    Right now the biggest problem for me is getting enough characters up to 75+ to have more professions to give me more ways to make gold. Right now allI have is a jewelcrafter/miner. Working on getting an enchanter and alchemist up next though!

  34. EvilKetchupCow
    EvilKetchupCow says:

    My biggest problem with making gold is spending it once i get it. Ive hit the 25k mark many times but just can’t get any further.

  35. Preheat
    Preheat says:

    What is your biggest problem or worry about making gold in world of warcraft?

    No matter how much I make, IT’S NEVER ENOUGH. :(((

  36. Mindler
    Mindler says:

    My biggest worry about making gold would definitely have to be the stiff competition on our faction’s AH. On Daggerspine (US) the horde vastly outnumber the alliance which really causes a lot of cutthroat undercutting on horde side.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win and awesome web site!

  37. Robbiejuve
    Robbiejuve says:

    Biggest problem I have is the AH bot. The one that runs in game, you can tell because the competitor logs in every X amount of minutes (around 5-10), runs to the auctioneer while bumping into the wall and then walks backwards to the mailbox. TUJ posting heat map will show this player hasnt slept in a week.

    They are a problem because this player doesnt care as much about GPH because he/she isnt sitting at the computer so if they sell thousdands of items a day and makes 10g profit from each one, its still a good day because they were out drinking Mojito’s by the beach.

    I dont see how a legitimate player could compete.

  38. Zurr
    Zurr says:

    Hey GQ love the new site look.

    My biggest problem that I currently have is dealing with the a large number of AH bots that have sprung up on my server. Particularly glyph camper ah bots that will sit there and scan cancel and relist every few mins or so …. all day . .. … heheh one way i’ve been beating them is by posting low waiting for the undercut and flipping high but that requires time that I’d rather be doing other things

    Ah well on with the auction house pvp till blizz fixes this issue

  39. Steve
    Steve says:

    The biggest problem with making gold in World of Warcraft is wanted to sell it for RL money. I have been researching so many ways but I am too scared to risk losing my account… But it eats at me all the time, I do not want to do anything else with it… Aaahhh!

  40. Casam
    Casam says:

    Biggest worry/problem gold centered in wow for me???

    When i find a ton of mats for cheap, and buy them up. i worry the person knew something i didnt and just bought a bunch of unsellable stuff.

    Or that all my specualtion is gona bite me in the behind.

    To be honest, things were a little less stressfull in wow when i wasnt playing the AH

  41. Saz
    Saz says:

    My biggest problem with making gold resides mostly in the fact that I tend to horde raw materials for that moment when I finally get around to leveling that one alt who will need said materials for leveling their profession. I also tend to not have a lot of ambition to farm up raw materials, nor can I often justify buying raw mats from the Auction House when I could spend a few extra hours farming them up. I really struggle with getting into the “mood” to go out and farm. I also have a hard time with getting into this whole playing the Auction House game, so I find myself mostly generating gold through the leveling of alts.

    I don’t have any real hold worries other than worrying about having enough gold to purchase mounts/pets (I’m a collector), or worrying about having enough to pay for new talents/mounts/whatever else on the alts.

  42. fluxdada
    fluxdada says:

    I often worry that I’ll stick to one gold-making “rut” for too long.

    Balancing my time between doing what already works and exploring what “could” work is always a challenge.

  43. P Hale
    P Hale says:

    My biggest worry is that I will sell out or not buy something and I will lose the advantage of an upcoming patch or update.

  44. Alto
    Alto says:

    Biggest problem making gold?

    I would love to go in depth, but the biggest hurdle to jump is having enough time. I continue to search for ways to streamline my “daily ritual”.

  45. Iben
    Iben says:

    What is your biggest problem or worry about making gold in world of warcraft?

    Keeping up with the changing climate and accepting less than the “old” profit margin. Its hard to keep making gems when I’m making 1/10th the profit I used to. Hard to keep finding new ways to stay ahead of the crowd with so many gold blogs crashing markets. I don’t really need gold anymore, but I like to keep a steady income, so finding things I can do for a steady income without a huge time sink.

  46. Drewpid
    Drewpid says:

    What is your biggest problem or worry about making gold in world of warcraft?

    That I will never have enough gold, no matter what ya do you always need gold so fining a steady income and also keeping with Market changes can be hard and frustrating at times.

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