Since 2010, TGQ has given you over 400 blog posts with tips, guides, information, opinions and inspiration.

Here are 101 of the best that are still good today.


  1. The Shocking Reason You Need Help to Get World of Warcraft Gold
  2. My Canaries Are Singing
  3. 12 Steps to Protect Your World of Warcraft Gold
  4. Marvellous Money Makers for 4.1
  5. How to Use Auctioneer
  6. Harvesting Your Suckers
  7. Deepstone Oil, Rock Solid
  8. What is Your Most Devious Gold Making Strategy?
  9. Absolute Beginner’s Guide
  10. Pushing up Prices for Profit
  11. Glyphmas
  12. World of Warcraft Gold Cap in One Week
  13. Zero-Sum Economics in World of Warcraft
  14. Gold Per Day
  15. Cataclysm Prep (good for prepping for legion!)
  16. How to Make WoW Gold With Glyphs
  17. 3 Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss
  18. Glyph Work
  19. Make ’em Laugh!
  20. Fishing for Gold in World of Warcraft
  21. What’s in Your Stockpile?
  22. 7 Overlooked Items That You Can Craft Today to Make Gold in World of Warcraft
  23. Pilgrim’s Bounty – A Mage Gold Rush!
  24. Glyph Rush Over
  25. Time is Money Friend
  26. Gold With Guild Series (5 Posts)
  27. 10 Ways to Make Quick Gold in World of Warcraft
  28. Gold Gaming Skills You Can Learn from Leveling Cooking To Max
  29. Snatch List 1
  30. Dalaran is the New Exodar
  31. What is Not Selling in the AH This Week
  32. All About Bid and Buyout Prices
  33. Battered Hilt Solo Farming
  34. The First Rule About Gold Making
  35. Elitist Gold Making A Holes
  36. Dear Aunty Gold Queen
  37. Insane to Spend Over 10g
  38. Obsidian Ore Shuffle
  39. 3 Surprising Reasons to Store Stuff
  40. Inflation in World of Warcraft
  41. Frostweave Cloth
  42. How to Start Making Gold in World of Warcraft
  43. CJ’s Gold Making Problem: Time
  44. Vendor Recipe Joy
  45. Staying The Best
  46. Happy Volatile Christmas
  47. Spying on Your Competition on Your World of Warcraft Server
  48. “Help! I need 700g quick!
  49. Secrete Limited Supply Vendor Exposed
  50. 10 Easy Gold Tips for Beginners
  51. Farming Primal Air
  52. Herbs in Cataclysm
  53. Leatherworkers, Cure your Hides
  54. Do Peons Dream of Explosive Sheep?
  55. How to Make Gold With Limited Play Time
  56. Can You Dominate the New WoW Gold Microfinances?
  57. Rich Elite Interviews: Hanahir
  58. The Worst Reason that You Hoard in the Guild Bank
  59. Crusader Enchant Drop
  60. Must Have Addons for Cataclysm
  61. What 3 pieces of advices would you give a little goblin?  (3 Top Tips for New Auctioners)
  62. Uncommon Inks
  63. Big WoW Gold Business Ethics Question
  64. Warcraft Tips from Monopoly
  65. What Can Shakespeare Teach You About Warcraft Gold?
  66. Whats Hot, and What’s Not – WoWuction 
  67. Why All My Gold Tips Suck
  68. Delicate Copper Wire – Dont Forget!
  69. Why Your Transmogrification Stockpile Didn’t Sell
  70. Icy Cloak
  71. Success with Pet Selling
  72. How To Lose Gold and Alienate People
  73. How To Make Auctionator Shopping Lists for Inscription Inks and Glyphs
  74. AH Pet Selling Tip
  75. Cataclysm Snatch List
  76. How Many Auctions Do You Have Every Day in World of Warcraft?
  77. How to Make WoW Gold with Jewelcrafting
  78. Heavy Leather Shuffle
  79. Are You A Hoarding Horde?
  80. How to Make WoW Gold with a Start Up Toon
  81. Levering the World of Warcraft Long Tail Economy With Addons
  82. Bagnon Addon Review
  83. Gold From Children’s Week
  84. Raiding for Gold
  85. How Much Gold Are You Worth?
  86. Do You Have a Pipeline?
  87. Gold From Nothing
  88. Adding Value with the Obsidium Shuffle
  89. Gold Begging – And Why It Works
  90. Interview: Exploiting My Server
  91. Lazy Slackers
  92. Make It Last – The Thrill of the Tease
  93. Warcraft Dungeons for Gold
  94. Where Can You Get a Free +20 Skill Fishing Rod?
  95. Gordok Ogre Suits
  96. The Hunger Games are Coming to WoW
  97. Turn Kingsblood into 285g (How To Shuffle)
  98. Winterspring Video Guide
  99. Ultimate Undercutting Guide
  100. Ametrine and Dreadstone – Guide to Thinking Outside the Box
  101. Jewelcrafting Onyx Panther Mount Guide



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The Gold Queen is written by Alyzande. With many level 100s, 9 years expertise in making gold, 11 garrisons, 17k+ achievements, 1593 days played, and over 37.8 million gold earned. The Gold Queen blog teaches you how to make gold playing World of Warcraft using ethical trading, auction house flipping, crafting, reselling snatch lists, and farming gold making.

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