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Lazy Slackers

Lazy Slackers

Everyone with over 500k will tell you that making gold is sometimes easy, sometimes luck and mostly just hard work. Researching markets, crafting, prospecting, milling, barking, having the tenacity to repost and keep selling.

I run a gold blog.  I publish all my hints and tips.  I give my information away. All you have to do is type in my URL.  Or check your email.  Or your RSS reader. Or your kindle (you get the idea). ÂHell, I started my blog because of the number of players asking me for my hard gained strategies and information.

If you really want something, like getting some gold, get off your backside and go get it.  Don’t know how to get it? Grats, you just unlocked the achievement [cba to google].

So what really pisses me off is when otherwise intelligent players ask me for tips, get them handed to them on a silver platter, then say they can’t be arsed, its too much trouble.  Worse, they ask for a loan until they can be bothered to make their own gold. Or they beg in trade.  Or join a pug heroic for gold, do half the dps of the others, and generally “earn” their gold by being a bottom feeding basement dwelling leech.

So, today’s gold tip is that patch 4.1 removed the cooldown from ….

… to find out, you need to listen to Flux’s excellent podcast.  And I’m not going to tell you where in the podcast you can find the tip.  So you’ll have to listen to all of it to find out.

You’re not too lazy are you?



  1. hahahahahahha ahhhh GQ you made me rofl hard this morning.

    and it is indeed an excellent buff with the removal of that particular cooldown.

    You’re so right though, people in my guild know I make gold and out of the dozens that have asked me how only a few have put in the proper work to build their own stockpile. Most just go ….. eh sounds like too much work can i borrow 10k and pay you back in a month……


  2. I lol’d. Good read! WoW gold, just like everything else in WoW, isn’t going to just be handed to you. You have to work to get your ilvl up and down raids, have to work for your arena rating, why should working for wealth be any different? Simply because it’s “fake currency,” people seem to think it’s worthless and they’re entitled to it if you have too much. But that’s like saying the pro-guild on the server can faceroll H Nefarian, so you should get a carry and run in to walls the whole time. If you’re not willing to work for it, you’re not going to get it.

    That said, the set-up is the most difficult part of making gold. Getting enough high level toons, maxing professions, and learning the markets. After that, it’s pretty much simple routine.

  3. Well you said it all, the information and the help is out there you just have to look.

  4. OK, there are two separate groups of people who want gold… the first is those who want to make gold just to make gold. The second is those who don’t care about having gold, but want stuff that gold can buy you.

    It doesn’t make sense that someone in the latter group should go out and educate themselves about how to make gold – which is going to take a considerable amount of time, unless they do it lemming-style and blindly follow tips – just so that they can get that one pet or mount or whatever. Gold making probably is not fun for them, so you’re turning WoW into work (which, see the forums, people seem in agreement is a bad idea).

    If you don’t want to give them a loan, fine, don’t – but don’t expect that they should embrace gold-making, either, if that’s not what they enjoy doing. It’d be like a PvP player refusing to help his PvE guildies get School of Hard Knocks because he thinks they should go out and learn to PvP so they don’t need help. Self-sufficiency was great… but if a guildie of mine said that I’d think him a jerk.

    As for the tip… I’m shocked anyone is buying them, but it does seem like it could be profitable.

    • Oh, and I’m addressing guildies asking for loans because I just ignore everyone else entirely, so don’t care how lazy they may be.

      On a side note, my reaction to most gold tips I read actually is “I can’t be bothered to do that”… I’m not really a fan of having your fingers in a hundred different markets that each make hardly any gold.

  5. LOL someone is PMSing today! Too funny though. I feel your pain. I too often get asked for gold and instead i offer tips. Come to find out a DK i tried to help just stands in SW or flys I should say and dismounts and falls to his death smapping /yell all day. He is one that does not get it either.

    • I’m having a right rant today, I’m usually so kind to guys who need help. WTB Patience!

  6. My other half had a good one this morning which actually made us discuss this very issue so your timing is excellent although this player was a stranger to her. A level 76 asked her for 150g and when she got into a dialogue with him as she always does to ask about professions etc to try and help him make his own gold (she has a kinder heart than I) this is what happened on her refusal to give him gold.

    “You level 85s can go out and do a few quests for a crap ton of gold, look at you with your epics and enchants, I bet you have a chopper and all these other symbols of wealth and I bet you have 150g to give me”

    To which she replied..”I’ve got a 150g but not to give to you, now run on little man and quest”

    She promptly mounted her chopper and drove away into the distance and all that could be seen was “VROOOM VROOOM in /say.
    He continued to bother her and go on a massive rant saying she was selfish.

  7. Excellent post on many counts. The removal of that cooldown is a HUGE moneymaker right now.


    …but I’m not telling either.


    • it’s a good one isn’t it, especially if you have some … left over from wotlk 😉

  9. This is what i’ll also tell people that come begging for gold. Go read gold blogs and get that brain of yours to start functioning again. When they have proven they can make a nice amount of gold per day with little time invested they may come back with the same question. Nobody eventually will because they’ve taken the time to learn something on their own or got their gold from somewhere else. It’s not that gold makers don’t want to hand out loans to other players we just want people to see that they can do the same as long as they put their minds to it.

    • I just don’t want to be someone else’s bank.

      • I’ll work WITH a player, but I won’t work FOR one:)


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