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Gold with Guilds Series

Gold with Guilds Series

Gold with World of Warcraft Guilds

Introducing a small series about making gold in world of warcraft in a guild.

Guild membership is something that WoW players take for granted, until they have to change guild! This short series is split into subtopics with ideas about how you can make use of your guild to help you make gold in world of warcraft.  The series begins with Perks and Pitfalls, looking at the guild perks features and some guildies to beware of!

1 Perks and Pitfalls

2 Call in the Pros

3 Land Army

4 Markets and Bank

5 GMs and Giving Back June 25

(June 26th is a day off for me – it’s my birthday!)

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Are the guides helping you?  Please tell a guild mate! They’ll be glad you did.


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