Warcraft Burn Out Advice

I get it. It’s the end of expansion.

All there is left to do is farm the raids, play with archaeology, complete achievements that are going away soon, make gold, make some more gold, and desperately try and find a group that is still doing early expansion achievements that you still want to complete.

Your friends are leaving. Logging out for a few weeks, back August 14.

It’s hard to get motivated.

I have a few tips for you.


Mage Tower for Gold Makers

You can profit from serving Mage Tower completionists during this time.  Mage Tower needs flasks, food, consumables.

Check out the full guide.




Gold Making During Burnout

Stockpile the items you’re going to need.  Dump the ones you wont.

A guide to this is in production, so watch this space, we’ll be publishing in about a week.

In the meantime, keep picking up the low hanging fruit, the items posted for 10% value, and especially pre-Legion bargains.

Make full use of TSM to let you know which items are posted for sale below average market value.


Personal Burnout Advice

Burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress.

There is a difference between lack of motivation, boredom of doing something repeatedly without a tangible reward, and full blown depression.

The problem is that one can lead to another. Especially if you push yourself. And Aunty Gold Queen doesn’t want you to feel that bad.


  1. Recognise that repeated activities without rewards feel like work. Unpaid work.
  2. Set yourself play limits.  Turn on an alarm clock and after 1 hour play, or whatever is best for you, turn off the game. Ration your play.
  3. Make your tasks into games.  See how fast, or how many you can gather. Race someone. Anything to mix it up.
  4. Stop feelings of being overwhelmed by making an organised daily list of activities, and then striking out half of the work.
  5. Do something else. Make a new character. Try the oppostite faction. Try a different server.  Try a different *gasp* game.
  6. Stop doing the stuff that stresses and worries you.  Give up on that task, for a while.  Next week is ok.
  7. Look after your body. Make sure you get enough sleep (some are ok on 6, I need 10 hours).  When you eat, take the food away from the computer and eat mindfully somewhere you can’t see the computer. Cut down on drinking or smoking. Go for a walk. Nothing major, dont make it a new challenge. Just baby steps.
  8. Stop pushing yourself. Recognise that you’re going to take a short time to heal and regather your energy to push again.
  9. Chat to some mates.
  10. Take an actual real holiday (vacation).
  11. Make a new friend.  Join us on the TGQ Discord channel and chat with some players about non-gold topics.


Rest, and heal up, because August 14th is going to be amazing, and we want you there with us.



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