GoldScore Introduced in Battle for Azeroth


GoldScore Introduced in Battle for Azeroth

Our Gold Making writers have been nosing around Battle for Azeroth and found something that will excite every reader – the new GoldScore.

First we found the GoldScore Lounge, but this was closed off, so we nosed around the new build data and found GoldScore!


GoldScore Lounge

Only accessible to players who have got the achievement, we found both the Alliance and the Horde Lounges in Battle For Azeroth beta.

It looks like a room that’s accessible for players with the achieve.

We couldn’t see what was inside but Gold Dragon is going to transfer some gold across later today and check what’s inside!

Horde Gold Lounge

Alliance Gold Lounge



GoldScore Tooltips

Mouseover players to see their GoldScore

No addon required

Works like ilevel? Works like raider.io?



When you get the maximum GoldScore you get an ingame achievement!

You get this for getting the maximum liquid gold on ONE character.

Doesn’t include (personal) guild bank gold

Max is 10m Liquid Gold

This allows you into the GoldScore Lounge and awards you a title!

Achievement DING


GoldScore in the Auction House

Auction House Window

When you get a GoldScore of over 9000 (quite easy to do with World Quests) you can access the Auction House.

I’m pretty sure that the AH text is just a placeholder.



Here comes the tweetable

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Goblin Target Fool in the AH


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