GoldMaking Ethics – Responsibility to Guildmates

The GoldMaking Ethics is a series of Warcraft Opinion Articles documenting responses to ethical questions posed on Twitter on 8 May 2018.

Tweets are presented out of context, and you can click them to read the rest of the conversation.  You are always welcome to chat with me on twitter where my name is @thegoldqueen and you can find Gold Dragon here also @Dragonbearjoe


We have 9 articles for you to read, culminating in a TGQ Long Read with my own opinions. Today we talk about our ethical responsibility to guild mates.  Do we treat them like friends, colleagues or competitors? Where is that line? And how do we arrive at that opinion?

All stories were gathered in a judgement-free atmosphere. I understand if you disagree with other people or get upset by it, but during the Ethics Questions, we are examining responses in a detached scientific manner.

I posed a series of questions and got an avalanche of opinions about how we should treat our Warcraft Guild Mates!



Emrie accidentally sells to his guild mates!

When this happens to me I usually contact them and chat about it.

Nothing is Free

Daphne says never to give anything free

But Kyle and Yetian disagree, and they give their guild mates items at mats cost

Size Matters

Zulell has a small guild of close friends, but things could be different

It’s Free!

Zombeeman says give it away free

Or just for mats!

But our own Gold Dragon has a bad experience of this

Give Everything Away!

Shohno is super generous to their guild mates

We help each other

Kegarot enjoys giving to their guildies, because they know they will get something back.  Sounds like a trustworthy guild.

Involve the Officers

If there’s a problem, defer to authority, says Jagerfish

Never Again

Nef would be disappointed by unethical behaviour in guild mates

And might burn them with sweetness!


Manech would say nothing to their guild mate, just let them suffer.

Just Ask

When your guild mate screws you over, Marathal wishes they would just ask first.

Worse than Reporting?

Guild mates have responsibility to you too.  Break it, and Brunold will be disappointed in you. Very disappointed.  *glares at you from over the top of slightly-lowered spectacles*

You get one chance

And then you’re not friends with Nef anymore

Depends on the Item

Jonathan thinks it depends on the item that’s on the AH

Guildies are friends. Full Stop. Period.

Enikka’s guild mates are friends. No question.

We got convoluted

Conversation got complicated! Nyn thinks this question depends on variables, Jonathan chats with her about it.

No Crafting Cost

A recurring response was charging for materials, not for crafting work. Jamie and Amanda agree.

Amazing Day Trading idea

Suddenly we had an amazing day-trading idea from Manech.

With guild master privs, he would temporarily take the guild bank materials, trade them on the auction house, sell them, then buy even more with his gold.

Dishonest Guild Mates

Gets a big nope from TechZar and Jonathan

When Trust Goes Wrong

Manech’s guildies screwed him over. Often. So have mine.

Guild mates abusing your trust hurts more than strangers who take advantage.  Heath talks about feeling cynical, Amanda expresses the same.

Ashwind lost a friend over Auction House pvp.

Reward Good Guild Mates

Nyn recalls buying gift for guild mates and loves the memories.

Bradley thinks the best help is education.

Over to you

What’s your opinion on trusting, helping and advising guild mates? How cynical have you become? How does that affect your interact with your guild?


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