Goldmaking Ethics – Responsibility to the Economy

The GoldMaking Ethics is a series of Warcraft Opinion Articles documenting responses to ethical questions posed on Twitter on 8 May 2018.

Tweets are presented out of context, and you can click them to read the rest of the conversation.  You are always welcome to chat with me on twitter where my name is @thegoldqueen and you can find Gold Dragon here also @Dragonbearjoe


We have 9 articles for you to read, culminating in a TGQ Long Read with my own opinions. Today, we’re looking at our responsibility to the server economy and market. Do we need to be careful about our prices on the Auction House? Why? And what about advertising on trade chat? Or is that just silly?

All stories were gathered in a judgement-free atmosphere. I understand if you disagree with other people or get upset by it, but during the Ethics Questions, we are examining responses in a detached scientific manner.


What Does A Stronger Economy Mean?

Our Gold Dragon says it’s more players, and stable prices.

Its Under Control

Starwolf agrees with Reckles WTBGold that we help the economy by controlling it.

Deep Dive

Gold Dragon and Brunold both talk about when prices fall hard, purposeful destruction of value and keeping prices steady.

Golden Reputation

Brunold points out something very important to me: that your reputation is crucial.

All’s fair in love and warcraft

If I took a risk, so did you.

There’s Good and Bad

Remember its an MMORPG not the stock market, people

Too High is Bad

Purposeful inflation is bad too, says Gypsyheart

We Need Gold Makers

Ross relies on other AH players for his materials but remembers to value his own time.

Too High? Too Low? Balance is just right

Ashwind thinks we keep things just right

Its All Good

Chris reminds us about all the ways to get gold

Or is it?

Ashwind reminds us that greed can hurt smaller players

It’s an Individual Choice

Danielle says we all have to decide our own way

But Bots? Hell no

At least they don’t wipe out all the opportunities.

Look Out for Each Other

Obelouix will treat you right.



Bonus Video

Darkshore Cap talks about the warcraft economy, inspired by our gold making ethic questions.

Darkshore Cap talks about some of my favourite subjects:

  • How gold works (see my patreon!)
  • Gold is not Zero Sum
  • Adding Value

In pvp, in order to win, someone else has to lose.  In the warcraft economy, everyone can win. Gold is abundant. You can take an item, do work to it, and it increases in value.  Nobody loses when you do that.  You do not need to TAKE money from other players or from the economy, in order to win.  You can both win!

These are such basic truths, yet I rarely see them talked about in Warcraft content creation.  (Everyone else is talking about “how to farm 50,000g in an hour, using this one amazing trick.  Number 9 will shock you!”.)  If you like this sort of truthful facts, you will love my videos in the members-only patreon website.


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