Goldmaking Ethics – The Expensive Mount

The GoldMaking Ethics is a series of Warcraft Opinion Articles documenting responses to ethical questions posed on Twitter on 8 May 2018.

Tweets are presented out of context, and you can click them to read the rest of the conversation.  You are always welcome to chat with me on twitter where my name is @thegoldqueen and you can find Gold Dragon here also @Dragonbearjoe


We have 9 articles for you to read, culminating in a TGQ Long Read with my own opinions. Today, I posed a question about an expensive item that your guild mate can’t afford.

All stories were gathered in a judgement-free atmosphere. I understand if you disagree with other people or get upset by it, but during the Ethics Questions, we are examining responses in a detached scientific manner.


Just Give it To Them!

Kaiaphin goes for the kind approach

Better than a Gift?

Nef thinks education is even better than an item. As someone whose job it is to give you gold making education, I approve!

Take a Risk, it could be worth it

It was worth it for Enikka. How cute.

Other side of the discussion

Llanilek would have no qualms.


Over to you

What would you do in this situation?



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  1. BrianG
    BrianG says:

    I would probably do one of three things.

    1. give the mount to them
    2. sell the mount at a reduced price.
    3. become a loan shark and loan them the gold to buy it.

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