The Hallows End Event occurs goes from the 18th of October to November 1st.

Full of different quests to obtain tricky treats.   Not just candy but also to turn in for transmog items, pets and toys for your collection.

Large amounts of gold can be obtained through the event and even as the Headless Horseman leaves for another year.

The Currency

Obtaining the Tricky Treats and Other Items

There are Multiple ways to obtain Tricky Treats during the Hallows End Event

Finishing Daily Quests found in multiple zones

–  Under the Crooked Tree questline starting in Dalaran and ending in Valshara



Defeat Aria Sorrowhart and open up her Hag’s Belongings  + 6 Tricky Treats
This is an available Daily quest


This nets you 6 Tricky Treats total plus a chance at one of four Holiday Transmog cloth Hats (Bind on Pickup)

For Horde in Undercity (make sure to talk to Zidormi to turn back time)
For Alliance in Stormwind these quests are available daily


A Time To Build Up    + 1 Tricky Treats                                                                                              A Time To Break Down   + 3 Tricky Treats




One time Quests in Undercity/Stormwind

Hallows End Treats for Jesper (Alliance)  + 10 Tricky Treats
Hallows End Treats for Spoops (Horde)    + 10 Tricky Treats



Daily Quests also in Stormwind (Alliance) or Undercity (Horde)

Clean Up In Undercity (Horde)             +3 Tricky Treats
Clean Up in Undercity (Alliance)          +3 Tricky Treats

Stink Bombs Away (Both)  +10 Tricky Treats

Finishing this area can net you

18 Daily Tricky Treats
10 Tricky Treats from the One time quest (Jesper or Spoops)



For Horde in either Eversong Woods, Tirisfal Glades (turning back time with Zidormi)
For Alliance in either Azuremyst IsleElwynn Forest or Dun Morogh

From the Matron found in these areas

Let the Fires come (Pick up Quest from Matron before defeating the Headless Horseman fire event)

Fire training   +1 Tricky Treat
(One time quest.  If you have done it in previous years it will not appear)

After you put out all the fires you defeat the Headless Horseman which gives you the quest to turn in

Smash the Pumpkin  –  + 5 to 7 Tricky Treats from Crudely Wrapped Gift


From either of these zones you can net 7-9 Tricky Treats every day.

Queuing for Headless Horseman Every Day

(level 98 or higher are the only ones that can get the loot filled pumpkin



After Defeating the Headless Horseman you receive


When you open this you can receive 4-6 tricky treats

This can also be done daily.

As a bonus you can receive

This is a very good tool during the holiday (it disappears afterward the holidays) because it is instant cast
so going from Farming node to Farming node can be a little bit quicker.

If you finish all of the single and daily quests available plus picking up all of the candy from the different points around the different zones you can easily net between 550-600 Tricky Treats.

Wise choice of what to purchase with these Treats will be important for future sales

Out of the box gold making from Hallows End

There are different ways of making gold with the Hallows End event.

–   If you have a two seated mount you can escort lower level players to the different candy spots for a charge

–   Many of the different achievements require specific wands to be used.  These wands drop from multiple items
during the event and charging 5g to 25g can add profit into your pocket

Pet Sales

There are four pets that can be obtained and sold during the event.

Sinister Squashling

Sold for 150 Tricky Treats at the Tricky Treat Vendor (Stormwind/Undercity)
This is the most commonly found from the different candy drops so is very common


Widget the Departed

150 Tricky Treats from the Undercity/Stormwind Vendor



150 Tricky Treats from the Undercity/Stormwind Vendor


Cursed Birman
150 Tricky Treats from the Undercity/Stormwind Vendor


Looking at all of the tradeable/sellable pets from the event the Sinister Squashling is the most commonly found
(it drops from many of the treat bags and from the Loot Filled Pumpkin).

The other three can be very profitable to purchase.   Storing these in your bank and selling later as the months go by
You can set a higher price as players want the pet but the higher priced ones are not as available.

Adding Value To Your Pet Sales

Many pets are added to the Auction House during and after the Hallows eve event.   Most end up being the Sinister Squashling which can drive the value down considerably.

There are multiple ways of adding value to your pet sales

–  Offering ‘Bundled’ pet deals in trade chat

Many players will not want to take the time to obtain enough Tricky Treats to purchase all of the pets.  With four pets plus multiple toys and other masks it is impossible for a player to get enough Tricky Treats to purchase everything.  With being able to cage and sell the four pets sold this could relieve the need for players to obtain enough treats for these four.

You could easily bundle all four pets for 100,000g or more and with a little patience net good sales.

–  Leveling pets to sell

Right now with the new expansion it takes between 13-15 pet battles to level a lvl 1 pet to lvl 25.
Add the different boosting items (pet treats,  battle pet holidays) and this time gets shortened.

Players are willing to pay higher for strong pets that are already leveled.
4x to 10x profits from normal pets if a player takes the time to finish a few pet battles

(extra hint,  if you are leveling a new character you get XP for each pet battle).

My favorite zone to do this is Nazmir around the edges of the water.   Having two max level flying type
can eat up these random pet battles very quickly.  With each battle lasting 2-5 minutes you can finish
leveling a new pet in under an hour.

Great Holiday Allows Even Greater Profits.

Hallows eve is one of the many events that a shrewd gold maker can use their skills and knowledge to make gold not just during the vent but in the months after the event.

Good Luck and Spooky Ghoul Hunting

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Having gained and spent over 8 million gold. Buying personal items and helping my guildmates.
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