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Five Ways to Profit from War Mode

War mode was introduced in World of Warcraft:  Battle for Azeroth as a replacement for PVP servers. This new mode allowed players to participate in World PVP when they wanted too and not be forced to world PVP. The Basics of War Mode War mode allows players to attack other players from the opposite faction.  […]

State of the Castle: The Future of TGQ

Hello This will be a little different of an entry.  I wanted to sit down to get everyone caught up on what was going on with the Gold Castle. As was told in September,  TGQ and the Gold Castle will be changing how we handle the TGQ newsletter as well as the Legion-Gold.com  when it […]


Be A Trendsetter Not A Follower

Being a Trendsetter And Not A Follower World of Warcraft is an investment in time.  looking into future opportunities of making gold. Being first in life for profits gives gold makers that much more of an advantage from the pack.   Are You A Sheep Or A Wolf If you play World of Warcraft for […]

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Pyrite Farming for Beginners

Pyrite Ore life for me   Pyrite is one of those ‘forgotten’ ores that players collected during the Cataclysm expansion. Found in the same places as Elementium deposits it was the ‘rare’ mining item during the expansion Where to find Pyrite Ore There are two routes that are commonly used to collect both Elementium ore as […]

How to Obtain the Steelbound Harness Recipe

How to Get the Steelbound Harness Recipe In patch 7.03,  Blizzard introduced a new crafting mount that could be sold on the Auction House The profession of blacksmithing had never received a mount to sell of their own. With the introduction of the Steelbound Harness World of Warcraft, Blacksmiths were given a new gold making revenue […]

Blizzard Developers Announce Major Change in Pet Charms in Battle for Azeroth

Blizzard Developers Announce Major Change in Pet Charms in Battle for Azeroth Pet charms that are exchanged for pet stones and other pet items will be going through a major change in BfA. Current Pet Charms will be known as Shiny Pet Charms Polished Pet Charms will be available during Battle For Azeroth Content Vendors […]


Max Gold Transfer in Warcraft

Max Gold Transfer in Warcraft Ready to Transfer a Character to a new server for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth? How to take the max gold with you! What’s the Gold Transfer Max? The following gold limits apply to all characters. Max. Gold Transfer Level 10-30 300g Level 31-50 1,000g Level 51-70 5,000g Level […]

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World of Warcraft – Children’s Week Guide 2018

Warcraft Gold from Children’s Week 2018 Children’s Week in 2018 is April 30th  to May 7th, 2018. Gold with Pets from Children’s Week 2018 Do the quests in Stormwind and Orgrimmar, even if you have done them before.  The rewards from “A Warden of the Horde/Alliance” offers: Curmudgeon’s Payoff reward, worth 5g only Scooter the Snail worth 8-10,000g, […]

GoldScore Coming in Battle for Azeroth

GoldScore Introduced in Battle for Azeroth   GoldScore Introduced in Battle for Azeroth Our Gold Making writers have been nosing around Battle for Azeroth and found something that will excite every reader – the new GoldScore. First we found the GoldScore Lounge, but this was closed off, so we nosed around the new build data […]

BAM!!! Sharpen Your Gold Instincts: Conversations

BAM!!!  Sharpen Your Gold Instincts: Conversations Ever seen that really neat item you desperately want?    Someone carrying that [Sword of Niftiness] that would look cool if you had it?    Heard someone say that they couldn’t afford an item or was just waiting for something to drop from a boss?       Turning Words […]