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World of Warcraft – Children’s Week Guide 2018

Warcraft Gold from Children’s Week 2018 Children’s Week in 2018 is April 30th  to May 7th, 2018. Gold with Pets from Children’s Week 2018 Do the quests in Stormwind and Orgrimmar, even if you have done them before.  The rewards from “A Warden of the Horde/Alliance” offers: Curmudgeon’s Payoff reward, worth 5g only Scooter the Snail worth 8-10,000g, […]

April Fools!

April Fools Did you enjoy our April Fools joke yesterday? I hope it made you smile.  The idea of GoldScore is pretty ridiculous. I have to thank my friend Falling Stardusk who helped out with the photoshopping, making all those Battle for Azeroth fake screenshots. Visit her website to find out more about her art. […]

GoldScore Coming in Battle for Azeroth

GoldScore Introduced in Battle for Azeroth   GoldScore Introduced in Battle for Azeroth Our Gold Making writers have been nosing around Battle for Azeroth and found something that will excite every reader – the new GoldScore. First we found the GoldScore Lounge, but this was closed off, so we nosed around the new build data […]

Khorium Farming in Warcraft

Farming Khorium Ore in Warcraft Farming Khorium Khorium ore is a rare ore that spawns in Adamantite nodes in Outland, the Burning Crusade continent in World of Warcraft.   Best place to farm Khorium Ore in World of Warcraft Hands down: Nagrand, Outland. Get yourself an ore/herb mapping addon like Gatherer or Gathermate and find your […]


Scrapper Materials Recycling Comes to Azeroth

Scrapper Materials Recycling Comes to Azeroth Wowhead have datamined [Scrapper] in Battle for Azeroth world of warcraft expansion. The Scrapper is similar to the obliterum forge in Legion, similar to disenchanting, and similar to the Salvage Yard in WoD Garrisons. Your Scrapper returns approx 50% of your raw crafting materials when you Scrap the item. […]

BAM!!! Sharpen Your Gold Instincts: Conversations

BAM!!!  Sharpen Your Gold Instincts: Conversations Ever seen that really neat item you desperately want?    Someone carrying that [Sword of Niftiness] that would look cool if you had it?    Heard someone say that they couldn’t afford an item or was just waiting for something to drop from a boss?       Turning Words […]

Ideas for Warcraft

Ideas for Warcraft In the last 24 hours, we had snow here at the Gold Castle, and I got a little over-the-top with ideas for improving Warcraft over on Twitter. For your entertainment, here are some of the fun ideas I came up with:   When @Blizzard_Ent hires me, your AH will be ten times […]


TSM3 Guide List

TSM3 Guide List Have you heard the cry of the TSM newbie? Are you able to link me to some sort of resource that explains how to use trade skill master? I don’t understand how to use it. How come TSM3 is so hard to learn? How come there are only a few full TSM3 […]

Sell Golden Draenite Now

Sell Golden Draenite Now In Battle for Azeroth, the tailoring pattern for Flying Carpet no longer uses Golden Draenite.   Flying Carpet materials in Legion and previous expansions   Prospect your Adamantite ore before Battle for Azeroth. If this change makes it to live, the value of Adamantite will be affected a little.   Here […]

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Faster Farming

Faster Farming in World of Warcraft We all want to gather gold faster in warcraft. Being the fastest farmer means you can get more valuable items in a shorter time.   Bear Tartare Bear Tartare is a “cooked” food that gives you a speed boost when farming mobs in world of warcraft.  I say “cooked” […]