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Farming Major Protection Potions and Recipes

Farming Major Protection Potions and Recipes Selling extremely well, for secret reasons, these protection potion receipes were added in The Burning Crusade. The recipes are Bind on Pickup. Here’s where to farm them. Major Nature Protection Potion Requires exalted with the Cenarion Expedition. You can get exalted with Cenarion Expedition by: Killing mobs in Steam […]

Recipe Frost Oil Farming

Recipe Frost Oil Farming   Right now, in the middle of the year, is the best time to farm Frost Oil recipes.   There is often a glut of [Receipe:Frost Oil] during the Winter Veil festival, December.  This is because players bump into Bro’kin, the goblin vendor, up in Ruins of Alterac, while also doing […]

Sky Golem Gold for Engineers

Sky Golem Gold for Engineers Sky Golems were solid gold for Engineer crafters at the beginning of Legion. With a sky golem mount, players can harvest herbs without dismounting. Now that flying is released in Legion, with patch 7.2, sky golems can also fly around the Broken Isles.   May 2017 prices for a Sky […]


Farming Nethershards

Farming Nethershards   Nethershards are a new currency for patch 7.2 at the Broken Shore Originally used in the Legion pre expansion event, Nethershards are back. This time they can be used to purchase all sorts of new items, including armor tokens for upgrades. For us gold makers, the nethershards can be used to buy Technique: Glyph […]

Social Herbalism; 1000s of Herbs an Hour (part 1)

Social Herbing in Warcraft Legion Remember Social Fishing at the end of Warlords of Draenor? Several players could join a garrison group and fish together and share the loot. Social Herbing is when a group of players work together to share their loot.   Part 1: Guild Herb Farming Social Herbalism Addon “Old MacDonalds” This […]

December Items to Flip on the Auction House

December Items to Flip on the Auction House Transmogs Why? Because everyone is focusing on Warcraft:Legion instead of looking at old dungeons/raids so the supply is lower. Especially the rarer items. I recently got 500k for some Glorious Legplates that I had previously bought for 110k and held on to for 2 months Worm Supreme […]

Why Gold Making Blogs, Livestreams, Podcasts, and Websites are No Longer Enough.

Why Gold Making Blogs, Livestreams, Podcasts, and Websites are No Longer Enough. Here’s the situation Lets take a step back to Patch 7.0 pre-Legion gold making advice found on websites, blogs, and twitch live streams. Everyone knows about Fel Spreaders. Everyone knows about Fel Bat Pups. Everyone knows about Lucky Shirts. A few people know […]

Hinterlands, The Forgotten Gold Secrets

Do you remember the Hinterlands? There is a lot of gold to be made from forgotten places. Druids get quick transport from the Emerald Dreamway to The Hinterlands   Secret Limited Supply Patterns A small outpost, friendly to Horde and Alliance is hidden here   Leatherworking Pattern: Ironfeather Shoulder Pattern Limited Supply. Available from Gigget Zipcoil […]


Falcosaurs for Profit

Falcosaur Pet Gold The new falcosaurs in patch 7.1 give companion/battle pets, the opportunity to get a mount, and fun quests for a new reputation faction. Wowhead guide to getting falcosaur pets How to make gold from Falcosaur pets Buy the falcosaur food from Dalaran vendors and post in singles on the auction house. Each falcosaur […]

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Gold Making Addon Suite Updated for Legion

Gold Making Addon Suite Updated for Legion The Curse gold making addon suite that I’ve curated for several years has been updated for Legion! https://mods.curse.com/addon-packs/wow/the-gold-queen-gold-making-addon new changes include: World Quest tracking Satchel Scanner for tanks/heals Nomi Cakes for Legion Cooking Herbalism alert addon An addon control panel TSM 3 Rematch for fast pet battles Battle […]