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Announcement In May 2018 we faced a difficult decision, warning readers that the website had “6 months to live”, unless we became profitable. We said “We want to give you TGQ for free forever.  But without support, TGQ is scheduled to close on 1 November 2018”   Since then, our founder, Alyzande, has accepted an offer […]


The World’s Best Warcraft Gold Makers

The World’s Best Warcraft Gold Makers TGQ’s personal gold heroes Everyone needs heroes, and inspirations.  Part of my job is to be an inspiration to you, to encourage you to make more gold.  But where do I get my own inspiration? Here are some of my heroes and Warcraft Gold Makers.  Some of them you […]

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Six New Mounts to Sell in Battle for Azeroth And Where to Get Them

Six New Mounts to Sell in Battle for Azeroth And Where to Get Them Secret mounts and Bind on Equip mounts have been found in Battle for Azeroth. The good news is that you can farm for them, and you can sell them on the Auction House. Great Sea Ray, Nazjatar Blood Serpent, Goldenmane’s Reins, Leaping Veinseeker, Captured Dune […]


Gold Queen Products

Gold Queen Logo Products Need a tshirt to support your favourite Warcraft Gold website? You can now buy the TGQ logo on a tshirt, hoodie, and even mugs, clocks, travel mug.     Or perhaps you like the logo to appear like many coins? Stack up those pillows and you’ll have your own mountain of […]

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Turn Kingsblood into 10,000g – An Introduction to Shuffling

Turn Kingsblood into 10,000g Shuffling is when you change one type of item into another, adding value. Whether that be a one-step shuffle when you disenchant an item, or trade [Heavy Savage Leather] into [Pristine Hide] or trade 10 Primal Sargerite into Argulite gems.  Or whether that be a many stepped shuffle with Ore prospected […]


What To Do With Leftover Nethershards

What To Do With Leftover Nethershards Nethershards are Warcraft Broken Shore and pre-Legion launch currency. Now that players can no longer collect Mage Tower appearances from the Broken Shore, you likely have a stash of Nethershards from Warcraft Patch 7.2 that are unused. Here is how to turn them into 8-9,000g items in unlimited quantities. […]

Warcraft Patch 8.0 17 July

Warcraft Patch 8.0 17 July Battle for Azeroth pre-patch arrives Tuesday 17 July! ❗ The #BattleForAzeroth Prepatch arrives Tuesday, July 17. Prepare your Battlestations by updating your drivers https://t.co/HVS73wKEsS and reviewing the updated system requirements here https://t.co/TTXSrfDpAo — BlizzardCS (@BlizzardCS) July 13, 2018 Gold-Making for 8.0 Prepatch Preparation By now you should have read the […]


Recipe: Transmute Primal Might

Recipe: Transmute Primal Might Primal Might transmute comes from only three sellers in World of Warcraft.   Altaa in the Exodar, Melaris in Silvermoon, and Skreah in Shattrath, Outland (Burning Crusade version) Each of the vendors only has one pattern available at a time. If you don’t see it at the vendor, it means someone […]


Big Red Raygun Farming

Big Red Raygun Farming Big Red Raygun Farming from Dr Weavil, Alcaz Island, Dustwallow Marsh. 50000g+ The Big Red Raygun drops from Dr Weavil on Alcaz Island.   Alcaz Island was once part of the AQ40 opening quest chain, and even housed Varian Wrynn during his kidnap during vanilla / classic world of warcraft. Unfortunately, […]


How To Check Profitable Mats on Wowuction

How To Check Profitable Mats on Wowuction You’ve heard of the Undermine Journal, but do you know about Wowuction?! Wowuction has been around for a long time, and is a perfect complement to the Undermine Journal. Whenever someone asks me which is the “best” profession in World of Warcraft (trick question, they’re all great for […]