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Thoughts on Gold Making in Legion, Alpha Build

Gold Making with Professions, Flipping and Shuffle in Legion   Suramar has now been included in the Legion Alpha build, so I took a look around and started tweeting my thoughts about gold making in Legion. It struck me afterwards that I had tweeted so much they deserved their own blog post. I’ve tried to […]


Preparation for Warcraft:Legion Gold Making in April 2016

Preparation for Warcraft:Legion Gold Making in April 2016 Prepare Your Bags And Your Inventory Dump your Warlords of Draenor trade mats and crafted gear. Keep producing raid consumables and gear enhancements (enchants, gems) until early Legion. Make extra guild banks if you need to hold extra transmog gear for sale in Legion. Take stock of your inventory, […]

The State of Inscription 2016

The State of Inscription 2016 Inscription Players are worried that Inscription changes in Legion will make the profession useless and unprofitable. Information about the professions in the Warcraft Legion Alpha are still sketchy but we do have a rough idea of what is going to happen. In general, professions now need you to complete quests […]


Big news: Patreon Launch, Alpha News, Gold Guide

Blog Update Been a while since I wrote, so I wanted to check in with everyone, and share the news. Bad news first.  My promise of entrance into the World of Warcraft: Legion Alpha back in January still hasn’t materialised, despite a reminder sent in February.  Since then, the employee making the offer has left […]

Gold Queen BRB

The Gold Queen blog is going into hibernation for a few short weeks because I want to focus on Legion prep I have a Legion Alpha invite (from Zarhym, ty <3) I have a whole new website to build for this I’ve been suffering from severe depression the last few weeks and some respite will help   […]

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Primal Fire and Adamantite Frame Swipe

Unlimited [Primal Fire] and Unlimited [Adamantite Frame] Swipe No Farming Unlimited amounts No killing No flying around/routes Very cheap (0.94% of market value) You will be swiping these from Dealer Najeeb in Stormspire, Netherstorm, Outland. Warning: This blog post is image intensive! But first, what are the items, why would you want them, and for how […]

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Farming Cobra Scales in Shadowmoon Valley

Farming Cobra Scales in Shadowmoon Valley Cobra Scales are a very rare leatherworking material found from cobras and snakes in Shadowmoon Valley in Outland. They’re highly prized for making Stylin’ leather hats for transmogs. You can make a few thousand in raw materials farming these, or trade them up with your leatherworking skills and craft […]

Farming Jadefire Spirit

Jadefire Spirit Drops from Spirit of Jadefire In the cave on Timeless Isle in Pandaria Sells for 20-30,000g each at level 1 2% drop chance from Spirit of Jadefire.  Increase your luck by increasing the number of realms you visit.   Addons  Cross Realm Assist *ESSENTIAL Rarity NPC_scan You can pick up my addons collection from […]


World of Warcraft Legion Alchemy and Jewelcrafting

Legion Alchemy Datamined information on Alchemy in World of Warcraft:Legion Flasks Flask of the Whispered Pact: +Intellect Flask of the Seventh Demon: +Agililty Flask of the Countless Armies: +Strength Flask of Ten Thousand Scars: +Stamina Potions Leytorrent Potion Puts the imbiber in an elevated state of focus where they can restore up to n mana over 10 […]