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TSM3 Guide List

TSM3 Guide List Have you heard the cry of the TSM newbie? Are you able to link me to some sort of resource that explains how to use trade skill master? I don’t understand how to use it. How come TSM3 is so hard to learn? How come there are only a few full TSM3 […]

Sell Golden Draenite Now

Sell Golden Draenite Now In Battle for Azeroth, the tailoring pattern for Flying Carpet no longer uses Golden Draenite.   Flying Carpet materials in Legion and previous expansions   Prospect your Adamantite ore before Battle for Azeroth. If this change makes it to live, the value of Adamantite will be affected a little.   Here […]


Bags for Azeroth, Battle for Azeroth

#BagsForAzeroth – What is Bags for Azeroth? BagsForAzeroth is inspired by FriendshipMoose, an initiative in WoD for helping many people across the world to gain the Grove Warden mount from Heroic Archimonde. #BagsForAzeroth is my idea for helping new World of Warcraft  players.   The idea is that veteran World of Warcraft players to help […]

Autism Awareness

Autism Awareness   What is an autism awareness page doing on a Warcraft gold making blog? Very simply, because The Gold Queen is autistic. Autism is described as a neurological development disability. It affects me a lot so I wrote this page to explain that to you.   Why autistic not autism? More info Wonderful […]

Making Gold Step By Step

To attain wealth in Warcraft, you need to take steps every day. You need to develop a gold habit. — The Gold Queen 💛 (@thegoldqueen) December 18, 2017 The Three Steps To Making Warcraft Gold The First Step The first step in cultivating a gold habit, is not spending gold when you could save it. […]

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Warcraft Patch 7.3.5 Flash Gold for Flash Photography

Flash Gold for Flash Photography With the release of Patch 7.3.5 many new opportunities have produced themselves in making gold in World of Warcraft. One of these that will make engineers happy is the new S.E.L.F.I.E cam being introduced.   Lights, Camera, Gold Making The original camera was introduced during the Warlords of Draenor expansion. […]


How The Clever Gold Maker Profits from StudenAlbatroz’s YouTube Guides

How The Clever Gold Maker Profits from StudenAlbatroz’s YouTube Guides (Hello Studen!) Studen is one of many gold-makers who craft their content for YouTube.  Making videos has never been for me (see my attempt at making a Winterspring guide here). You can profit from following YouTube guides the simple way, by following his step by […]

What is Your Gold Making Secret?

What is Your Gold Making Secret? All these tips are timeless, and will last you forever.   Know your buyers: What they want now what they’ll pay when they’ll pay most what they will want next   Know yourself Don’t exceed your boredom threshold.  Divide your time up into 15 minute segments, because anyone can […]

Why You Should Change Your Bank Alt/s Today

Why You Should Change Your Bank Alt/s Today   We can identify you.   We know how many items you’ve got   We know that you are an AH Bank Alt.   We know you were trying to hide your alt to avoid targeting by competitors.   We know you have 50 items to sell, […]