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Social Herbalism; 1000s of Herbs an Hour (part 1)

Social Herbing in Warcraft Legion Remember Social Fishing at the end of Warlords of Draenor? Several players could join a garrison group and fish together and share the loot. Social Herbing is when a group of players work together to share their loot.   Part 1: Guild Herb Farming Social Herbalism Addon “Old MacDonalds” This […]

December Items to Flip on the Auction House

December Items to Flip on the Auction House Transmogs Why? Because everyone is focusing on Warcraft:Legion instead of looking at old dungeons/raids so the supply is lower. Especially the rarer items. I recently got 500k for some Glorious Legplates that I had previously bought for 110k and held on to for 2 months Worm Supreme […]

Why Gold Making Blogs, Livestreams, Podcasts, and Websites are No Longer Enough.

Why Gold Making Blogs, Livestreams, Podcasts, and Websites are No Longer Enough. Here’s the situation Lets take a step back to Patch 7.0 pre-Legion gold making advice found on websites, blogs, and twitch live streams. Everyone knows about Fel Spreaders. Everyone knows about Fel Bat Pups. Everyone knows about Lucky Shirts. A few people know […]


Hinterlands, The Forgotten Gold Secrets

Do you remember the Hinterlands? There is a lot of gold to be made from forgotten places. Druids get quick transport from the Emerald Dreamway to The Hinterlands   Secret Limited Supply Patterns A small outpost, friendly to Horde and Alliance is hidden here   Leatherworking Pattern: Ironfeather Shoulder Pattern Limited Supply. Available from Gigget Zipcoil […]


Falcosaurs for Profit

Falcosaur Pet Gold The new falcosaurs in patch 7.1 give companion/battle pets, the opportunity to get a mount, and fun quests for a new reputation faction. Wowhead guide to getting falcosaur pets How to make gold from Falcosaur pets Buy the falcosaur food from Dalaran vendors and post in singles on the auction house. Each falcosaur […]

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Gold Making Addon Suite Updated for Legion

Gold Making Addon Suite Updated for Legion The Curse gold making addon suite that I’ve curated for several years has been updated for Legion! https://mods.curse.com/addon-packs/wow/the-gold-queen-gold-making-addon new changes include: World Quest tracking Satchel Scanner for tanks/heals Nomi Cakes for Legion Cooking Herbalism alert addon An addon control panel TSM 3 Rematch for fast pet battles Battle […]


RIP The Legion Shuffle

RIP The Legion Shuffle Last night, Blizzard stealth-nerfed the Legion Shuffle.   What is the Shuffle? The Shuffle is.. wait. The Shuffle was crafting an item, then disenchanting it, and selling the disenchant mats or making into scrolls for sale. The best items were those that took cheap materials and ended up with expensive Chaos Crystals. As […]


Why Azuregale Bay is My New Home

Why Azuregale Bay is My New Home Because fish, and ancient mana! Barracuda fish schools usually around 20g each, currently up to 60g each due to raid food requirements Ancient Mana Crystals 3-400g each Baits Axefish Lure, Ravenous Fly Bait up to 1,000g each (bait selling guide) It’s also a super easy area to get rare fish, […]


My Legion Weekend Work

My Legion Weekend Work This weekend, the Gold Queen:  Watched Fiamma and Bredar on Twitch Watched Faid from Nerf Faid new video Dug into Umren’s Obliterum guide and made 98k Sold Dreadleather Bindings and Gravenscale Armbands Chaos Crystals Arkhana Felslate Ore Azshari Salad +375 Haste Food Fishbrul Special dps food Nightborne Delicacy Platter (+375 Mastery […]

Brightpaw Giveaway

Warcraft Pet Giveaway Let’s celebrate Legion!   How to enter Find me on Twitter Look for the keyword that I post. Comment below with the keyword in a sentence.  Don’t just post the keyword! Rules One pet. EU or US. Entries close Monday 12 September 2016 at midday UK time. If you are the winner, I […]

It’s Back

Good News Everyone! “I think I perfected a plague that will destroy all life on Azeroth!” No wait, not that. *coughs* ahem Good news everyone! The proc is BACK The shuffle is BACK Gathering is BACK Dailies are BACK Legion has brought wonderful news for everyone. Alchemy Alchemists with Rank 3 alchemy formulas are starting […]


Fun and Fireworks in New Dalaran

Fun and Fireworks in New Dalaran Engineering module Reaves Module: Fireworks Display Mode This engineering item is an add-on, an extra, to Reaves. The schematic is taught at level 104, so around now is a good time to look into selling Fireworks. Engineers will want to try out their fireworks display module at least once! Fireworks […]


First Days in Legion

First Days in Legion How is your gold making going in Warcraft, now the Legion expansion has been released? Success with Fishing I’m seeing some success with Fishing! If you are fishing to make gold, I suggest you sell your Silver Mackerel today while the demand is still high.  They are used for first aid, and […]