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First Days in Legion

First Days in Legion How is your gold making going in Warcraft, now the Legion expansion has been released? Success with Fishing I’m seeing some success with Fishing! If you are fishing to make gold, I suggest you sell your Silver Mackerel today while the demand is still high.  They are used for first aid, and […]


Things I sell

Gold Queen Products Just wanted to clarify and give you a quick run down on my products: 1) The blog (You are reading it!) 1a) Blog-by-email suitable for blog readers who don’t want to come back to the blog and check for new guides and articles.  You also get a free daily cheat sheet. 2) […]


Pocket Fel Spreader Farming

Pocket Fel Spreader Farming Pocket Fel Spreader Farming Better done in a group. You don’t get extra chance at loot, but you do get extra eyes, who can cover all the Doomsayer spots. This is my group I found on EU. Shoutout to Frantos Burning Blade for the trivia bot while we waited.   If […]


Lucky Shirts Farming

Lucky Shirts You will need: An engineer OR An alt with: a garrison with an engineer building and a follower assigner OR to buy from the AH An alliance character level 100 ready to begin the Broken Short 7.0 Scenario A few hundred gold   How to farm Lucky Shirts Preparation At the follower in your garrison […]


Selling Demon Hunter Leveling Packs

Demon Hunter Launch Demon Hunters are entering the World of Warcraft on August 9th. Players have been preparing by picking names for their new characters, and reading up on Demon Hunter leveling specs and abilities. Many players have bought bags in advance, which has contributed to a volatile hexweave bag market. But most players have […]


Tome of Illusions

Tome of Illusions is new to Patch 7.0 They are learned, crafted and sold by Enchanters. Players who buy the Tomes will learn the weapon enchant appearances for transmog. Players with the learned weapon illusion appearances can change the look of their weapon enchant look at a transmogrification NPC. Material cost of the transmog pieces […]

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Blood of Sargeras and Chill

Blood of Sargeras ” … and Relax” The Blood of Sargeras issue just would not go away, and World of Warcraft devs treated us to a Twitch Live Q&A especially on Professions. Josh Allen, aka Lore, and Paul Kubit hosted, and sprang straight away into the Blood of Sargeras issues. You can watch the Twitch Warcraft Live […]

How to Deal With Salty Competitors

Angry In-Game Mails We have all had Angry Mails ingame, whether deservedly when we’ve sniped an item for 1% of its value, or undeservedly when competitors are deliberately trying to intimidate you out of their market. This blog post deals with what you can do when those angry competitors go to further lengths to intimidate, […]


Transmog-mas is Coming

Transmog-mas is coming 6 years ago, Glyphmas was one week when all players needed to suddenly purchase all their glyphs again. With a headsup from the gold making community I prepared for Glyphmas by crafting thousands of glyphs, and earned myself a gold cap in one week.   When is Transmog-mas? Demand for transmogs is expected to […]

Blood of Sargeras changes in progress

Blood of Sargeras changes in progress   Beta continues to be beta, with changes to Blood of Sargeras in progress. 1) General World Quests/Dailies no longer drop 2-3 Blood of Sargeras, they are nerfed to drop only 1 blood. 2) However World Crafting Quests now spawn more frequently and drop more blood. 3) Disenchanting rare and […]


Tailoring Bags in Legion

Tailoring Bags in Legion Tailoring Undying Bag (Datamined but not yet in game) 32 slot, BoE 100 X Shal’dorei Silk, 100 X Blood of Sargeras.  Likely to be changed to Imbued Silkweave rather than raw Shal’dorei Silk. Silkweave Satchel only 24 slots, it takes only 9 Shal’dorei Silk and is BoE so you can send it to your […]


Blood of Sargeras – an update

Blood of Sargeras – an update A Blizzard Games Designer responded to players’ protests on the World of Warcraft forums today. Hi friends – I just wanted to chime in that in the next beta build you should see more Blood of Sargeras dropping from non-tradeskill sources (dungeons, in particular). Source: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/20743964229?page=4#75 First of all, I should […]

The Blood of Sargeras Legion Beta Controversy – and why it matters

The Blood of Sargeras Legion Beta Controversy and why it matters! [SPOILERS] What is Blood of Sargeras? Blood of Sargeras is a Bind on Pickup professions material found in Broken Isles in the Legion expansion. Where can you get Blood of Sargeras? In meaningful quantities: From gathering ore (leystone ore, felslate), skinning (stonehide leather, stormscale, felhide) and […]

How to Mail To Your Alt Using TSM

How to Mail To Your Alt Using TSM Trade Skill Master 3 allows you to mail items across to your alts. You can sort your items into groups according to rules you specify, and only send that group. For example, you could decide to post all your Salvage Yard items on the AH until a maximum […]


Thoughts on Gold Making in Legion, Alpha Build

Gold Making with Professions, Flipping and Shuffle in Legion   Suramar has now been included in the Legion Alpha build, so I took a look around and started tweeting my thoughts about gold making in Legion. It struck me afterwards that I had tweeted so much they deserved their own blog post. I’ve tried to […]