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What’s Not Selling in the AH

What’s Not Selling in the AH

“What have I sold this week in the Auction house” is a common theme across Warcraft Gold blogs, but I’m going to twist that around and tell you what I’ve had problems selling on the AH.  I hope you can use this info to help with your own gold making in World of Warcraft.

  • Tiger Meat
  • Low level green armor
  • Clam bar – Surprised at this
  • Inscription Offhands
  • Shirt patterns
  • Pattern: Hide of the Wild
  • Red, Blue and Green firework patterns
  • Engineering Schematics
  • Blue BoE JC necklaces.  I sent these to my disenchanter instead, as heavenly shard prices are rising.
  • Outland Cooking recipes
  • Pitchfork grey item – considering enchanting this for my bank alt lulz
  • Formula: Enchant Weapon Healing Power – never seems to sell
  • Design: Jewelcrafter Monacles – occasionally sell at a high price
  • Golden Pearls
  • Low level leatherworking patterns
  • Tome of Polymorph: Turtle
  • Patterns of Haliscan pants and jacket
  • Argent Dawn Shirts

Wierd things that have sold this week

  • Seriously overpriced chocolate cookie
  • Murloc Fin
  • Copper Tube
  • Solid Sky Sapphire for 70g+

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  1. I know there is no such thing in WoW as free gold, but the Chocolate Cookie is pretty close. You make gold when you get the cocoa beans, then make gold when you sell the cookies. I stumbled across this one as 4.1 hit and started making them and at first had a hard time getting them to move, but I worked a couple of trade barks in and they have been really good easy movers for me. I think this particular achieve is not one that a lot of people know about, so the bark is really important.

    • On my high population server, the demand is very “trendy”. In other words, there can be a fashion for everyone to buy chocolate cookies, all at the same time, and a few weeks later, demand disappears!

      Cookies had previously sold at the server-average price, then went into a nose dive for a while. On a whim, I put some more up on the AH at a stupidly overpriced amount and they sold. I made note of it because it might mean the prices are going back up again. Cookies can be a bit of a rollercoaster on my server. heh.

      Another great thing to do with cookies is get your alt to do the cooking daily and buy beans with their tokens, and send them across to your main or cooking alt. Do the cooking daily with all your chars if you can!

      • I’m on a medium pop server and the demand seems to have dropped, but it may be that there are just more people selling. I still sell 10-15 stacks a day thought. When I first started selling them, I had 3-4 toons doing the daily every day and couldn’t keep up with the demand.

        I definitely agree with having as many toons as you can do the daily. Right now, I have 4 that can do it and have at least three do it every day. (the 4th is my lvl 10 bank alt that doesn’t have a mount so it can get tedious with him).

  2. Where are you fishing up those golden pearls?

    • *chuckle*
      You’ve reminded me to start writing and queue up a post about how much I hate farming. I fished those golden pearls up on the AH for 10% of the normal selling price :)


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