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The Spectral Tiger That Got Away

A swift spectral tiger is my dream mount, and I suspect the lusted status symbol of several readers. Speak up if that’s you?

Spectral tiger prices

My problem is that I’ve never seen a swift spectral tiger on my auction house under 650,000g. And I’m too stingy to pay that much.

Mounts I’ve bought on Auction House

Crimson deathcharger, magic rooster (the chicken mount!), big battle bear, mottled raptor.

Mounts I still don’t have

Polar bear, spectral tiger. I still don’t have the sandstone drake! I could have bought the 2nd or 3rd on the server but I don’t like being second, and I don’t like its looks. I’ll buy it one day in a bulk pack of 10 when I’m bored.

My Swift Spectral Tiger that got away

One day I spent so long just looking and longing at the 650k tiger mount on AH, sighing like a lovesick teenager, and decided to buy it. Forget the expense, that’s what gold is for. So I took a deep breath and clicked buy.

My heart was beating, this was the moment all my gold making was worth, my own speccy tiger. Are you sure? Prompted the Blizzard interface. Another deep breath, and another, then I clicked yes.  That item cannot be found.

Between clicking yes and confirm, someone else had bought the mount. Literally and honestly one or two seconds too late. I had to log off to hide my disappointment.

I guess it was just not meant to be. Fate must have another spectral tiger somewhere, waiting for me.

I hope it hurries up.


  1. I bought one a few months back on my AH for 220g, resold it a few days later for 320g.

    Another was posted shortly thereafter for about 240g, I didn’t feel like risking it so I let it slide. Another guy bought it and flipped it for 360k. I was sad :(

  2. I would suggest looking for a seller in the Achievement forums. There is a thread there where people buy and sell TCG stuff (and other rare loot) either on their home servers or by transferring to you. The only catch is most people require that you use an alternate form of currency, be it other TCG items, shadowmourne chest stuff or vials of the sands.

    • That sounds far to clever for me. Could you rephrase it in simple terms for us simple folk ?

      • Basically: go here

        Find someone willing to sell (remember its in game item for other in game items or gold) then have them transfer (or transfer to them) and make your trade. Some people will want you to trade gold for their mount then trade their gold for your vials, or other ways to avoid scamming. There is always some element of trust involved though unless the transaction can be done in a single trade.

  3. The tigers on my AH go for under 400k.. I saw one for 275k and didn’t have the pure to purchase it :(

    US – Blackrock

  4. I levelled Engineering to craft an epic chopper because I was too cheap to fork out the 20k gold? I too hate to spend it :)

    • So funny!

  5. Its always a should i, shouldnt i moment when i see a TGC mount, If i see a rooster or Tiger im buying it no matter what lol 😛

    • You should see me ride into battleground on my fearsome battle chicken hehe


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