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Farming Felblight in Tanaan Jungle

Posted by on 26 Jun 2015 in Farming, featured, Felblight, Patch 6.2 | 0 comments

Farming Felblight New item that drops from Tanaan Jungle Gathered by Fishing, Mining, Herbalism, and Skinning. You will use this to upgrade all crafted gear from 685 to 700,  (30 Felblight)  and finally from 700 to 715 (60 more Felblight) Also takes 15 Felblight per epic gem craft. Felblight drop-rates It’s still early days, I’m hearing estimates from 2%-10% I had a few hours in Tanaan yesterday when patch 6.2 was released, first live on Livestream, and then quietly on my afterwards. I did quite well with fishing.  ...

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TSM3 Announces Open Beta

Posted by on 17 Jun 2015 in Addons, Trade Skill Master, TSM3 | 1 comment

TSM3 Announces Open Beta   TSM, trade skill master, is the most powerful auction house addon for World of Warcraft. It beats Auctioneer and Auctionator hands down.  It achieves this without getting clunky, by offering the addon as a suite, allowing you to disable or enable the modules you need. With TSM you can Post at super fast speeds to the AH See the value of each item Keep track of sales Post on twitter when you make a sale Queue items to craft Quickly mill, prospect and disenchant Mail quickly between characters according to rules...

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Gold Farmer or Gold Maker?

Posted by on 15 Jun 2015 in Advanced Gold Making, AH PvP, economy, Expertise, Farming | 0 comments

Gold Farmer or Gold Maker? There has been some discussion around the different terms “Chinese Gold Farmer” and “Warcraft Gold Maker” over on my twitter. (follow me @thegoldqueen) Some people use these names interchangeably.   What is the stigma around the name Gold Farmer? I’m assuming you know what “Chinese Gold Farmer” means and have your own opinion about it.  Let’s look at that: Its against WoW terms to sell gold for IRL money. “Chinese Gold Farmers” 打G are more focused on...

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How to Use Wowhead’s Garrison App

Posted by on 13 Jun 2015 in Addons, Garrisons | 0 comments

How to Use Wowhead’s Garrison App Do you ever worry that your garrison workers are idle lazers, sitting around, having completed their missions, and awaiting your orders. Drinking coffee and having smoke* breaks on your time? (*peacebloom in a hickory pipe ofc) Download the Wowhead Garrison App and addon, and never worry again!   The WoWhead Garrison App comes in two parts. Part one is an app that you can download from Google play or itunes Apple app store. Put it on your smart phone. Part two is an ingame WoW addon you can find...

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Making Gold With Shirts

Posted by on 9 Jun 2015 in Beginners, flipping, Tailoring | 2 comments

Making Gold with Shirts Tailoring is not the only way to make gold from shirts. There are a number you can loot or purchase from vendor which then sell for good profit on the Auction House. Here are some of the best shirts to sell to make gold in World of Warcraft, including Trade Skill Master group important strings. Tailoring Shirts Brown Linen Shirt White Linen Shirt Blue Linen Shirt Red Linen Shirt Green Linen Shirt Gray Woolen Shirt Stylish Red Shirt Stylish Blue Shirt Stylish Green Shirt Bright Yellow Shirt Dark Silk Shirt White...

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Here is what happens when Warcraft players decide to help a single mom afford her game subscription.

Posted by on 6 Jun 2015 in Blog News, Livestreaming, Twitter | 7 comments

Here is what happens when Warcraft players decide to help a single mom afford her game subscription. I’m still trying to pick my jaw up off the floor.   Here’s the full story from the beginning A very few of you know that I was feeling under the weather the last few days.  Blue. Mopey. Since a certain event, I can get sudden forceful memories of traumatic events. which leave me hiding from the world for days at a time.  But if there’s one thing that will grab my attention, it’s someone who needs help, and helping...

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What’s been Selling?

Posted by on 2 Jun 2015 in Beginners | 1 comment

What’s been selling? Today’s post, something a little different. [warning: graphics intensive blog post coming up]   You all know about my Long Tail Alt, and how I use it to sell: Greenies Transmogs Things that take ages to sell Bits and Pieces I don’t want to deal with daily Patterns Limited supply items Recipes/Patterns Farmed items Flipped items Old Crafted Items (Enchants/pots mostly) Today’s post is a Look Over My Shoulder and see what I’ve been selling this week. I hope it will give you Inspiration...

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Farmer’s Broom Quick Flip Tip

Posted by on 30 May 2015 in Beginners, flipping | 4 comments

Farmer’s Broom Quick Flip Tip The Farmer’s Broom is the name of two items. Both of these are high value on the Auction House. Grab a few Farmer’s Brooms and sell them on the AH for good gold.   Farmer’s Broom #1 You need Level 6+ Get to Tirisfal Any faction Drops from Tirisfal Farmhand, a hostile-to-all level 5 human just north of the Forsaken (Undead) starting zone. Farmer’s Broom #2 You need Level 90+ Warlords of Draenor Alliance Merchant Derrook Sells Farmers Broom for 22c. He also sells Farmer’s...

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Warcraft Gold Podcasts

Posted by on 26 May 2015 in Beginners, Other Blogs | 1 comment

Warcraft Gold Podcasts Just a brief note today, folks, to tell you about Jim from Power Word:Gold and his latest podcast. I was an accidental guest. I bumped into him on Twitch livestreaming and I was so excited to see him I just jumped in and blabber mouthed my way through his garrison struggles.  It was all a bit silly. You can listen here   Your WoW Money podcast has also kindly mentioned my blog a few times recently, and you can listen to their recent broadcasts here.  (Although let me add that all the techniques of gold making they...

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Your Bank Alt’s City

Posted by on 24 May 2015 in Auction House, Bank Alts | 5 comments

Your Bank Alt Where should you park your bank alt, your character that use to pick up items from the mailbox and post onto the AH? Traditionally, your bank alt would live at the mailbox in the city with the Auction House. Stormwind or Orgrimmar.  Now you have a massive choice.   Ashran (Stormshield, Warspear) Pros: Easy to travel to/from Draenor. Portals to other cities. Cons: Busy, could get laggy. No portal to Pandaria/Shattrath/Dalaran.   Pandaria (Shrine of Two Moons, Shrine of Seven Stars) Pros: Engineering alts can access AH...

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19 Guaranteed Ways to Make World of Warcraft Gold

Posted by on 23 May 2015 in Beginners | 1 comment

19 Guaranteed Ways to Make World of Warcraft Gold Sell a challenge mode gold boost Sell glyphs Sell portals Sell enchanting scrolls Sell transmog armor Sell limited supply items Sell to raiders who need flasks and potions Sell to casuals who need green leveling armor Sell items needed by achievement hunters Sell a taxi service with your 2 seater flying mount Sell Arena boost services Sell gems and jewelcrafting services Sell copper rods to idiots Sell herbs and ore gathered at your garrison Sell level 25 battle pets Sell rare and valuable...

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How To Keybind the TSM3 Macro to your Mouse Scroll Wheel

Posted by on 19 May 2015 in Trade Skill Master | 5 comments

How To Keybind the TSM3 Macro to your Mouse Scroll Wheel TSM3 is now in the beta stage and I am lucky enough to have a testing copy.  (It’s meant to be for testing, I mostly just break it by accident.) TSM, Trade Skill Master, is famous for its ability to post items on the Auction House at super fast speeds. In TSM3 this ability is expanded and made even easier! Click images to enlarge   How To Keybind the TSM3 Macro to your Mouse Scroll Wheel Once you have TSM3 installed, open Trade Skill Master with the /tsm command “Where...

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Building a 30,000g Passive Income with Inscription – Part 5

Posted by on 17 May 2015 in guild banks, Inscription, Trade Skill Master | 4 comments

Building a 30,000g Passive Income with Inscription – Part 5 Final part of our gold-from-glyphs series. TSM3 Inscription Guide. With full pictures. Posting Glyphs Pre-check: You have glyphs in your inventory. You have TSM, and a TSM group for the glyphs The TSM glyph group has a posting operation attached. Warning: I’m now using Trade Skill Master 3 Beta, not TSM2. My window might look a little different to yours. Don’t worry – it still does the same old TSM2 functions. Plus, you get an early sneaky peek at TSM3 in...

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We’ll Get You Rich

Posted by on 5 May 2015 in Beginners | 5 comments

We’ll Get You Rich “Don’t worry guys, we’ll get you rich,” was my answer to some readers on twitter who need help making gold. First thing to know: There is no magic IWIN button. There is no magic formula.   You cannot just copy what other players are doing. You can only copy the steps they took to discover the methods that work for them, and then repeat them, and find what works for you. Making gold is like building lego blocks: You spend most of your time doing trial and error tests to find out what makes gold....

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He Undercut Me And Crashed The Market! Help!

Posted by on 3 May 2015 in Advanced Gold Making, Competitors, economy, ethics, Expertise, Strategies | 0 comments

He Undercut Me And Crashed The Market! Help!   Recognise it for what it is Could this be walling?  Where a competitor posts thousands of items like glyphs at a set price just over the crafting cost? Is this a plain attempt by another player, trying to force competitors out? Don’t worry, there is room for all competitors. There is enough gold to go around! The more gold your competitor makes, the more he can spend on your sales tomorrow. Your competitor is afraid of you. He is afraid of competition.  He doesn’t want to share...

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How Did You Earn 19 Million Gold?

Posted by on 2 May 2015 in Beginners, Dear Gold Queen | Comments Off on How Did You Earn 19 Million Gold?

How Did You Earn 19 Million Gold? If I had a copper for every time I was asked, I would have 19 million gold. Determination – Not giving up when things fail. I once lost all my stock when I was away from WoW for too long. Trial and error – try something. When it fails, discard it, when it succeeds, repeat it. Then try and automate it. Commitment – I’m in it for the long term. Organisation – Time management is a massive deal, bigger than you think it is. Farming – When necessary Crafting – both on...

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Building a 30,000g Passive Income with Inscription – Part 4

Posted by on 28 Apr 2015 in Auction House, Guild bank, Inscription, Trade Skill Master | 13 comments

Building a 30,000g Passive Income with Inscription – Part 4 Restock your inventory You have a list of glyphs you want to make.  Now you want to know how many to make of each in order to reach your stock limit, and which herbs to buy to mill them, how much to pay, and what is the cheapest and quickest way to do it.   How to ramp up to a stock of 20 stacked glyphs of each type In the first week, set your restocking amount in TSM to 2. In the next week, increase the amount to 3.  You should now have enough for 2 of every glyph in the...

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Compulsory Websites for Warcraft Gold Makers

Posted by on 26 Apr 2015 in The Undermine Journal, Trade Skill Master, WoWuction | 1 comment

Websites that you need to bookmark and check on, as a gold maker in world of warcraft. Wowhead Good for: guides on where items drop, which can suggesting farming locations.  Suggestions about what could be made with materials.  The front page is always up to date and features an area where you can check which dailies and traders/npcs are available in your garrison today in your part of the world. Wowtoken keeps track of NA and EU prices of the wow token. The Undermine Journal is a big website full of lots of...

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Building a 30,000g Passive Income with Inscription – Part 3

Posted by on 25 Apr 2015 in Auction House, guild banks, Inscription, Trade Skill Master | 6 comments

Building a 30,000g Passive Income with Inscription – Part 3 We’ve moved through the part where we learn to make glyphs, and now we move to the Complicated Part where we need the assistance of Trade Skill Master addon. WARNING: IMAGE INTENSIVE POST. Click image for larger image with greater detail. Important images are already blown up full size.   Why Trade Skill Master? TSM is used simply to automate, to make easy and quicker, that which we could do on our own.  So in order to give the commands to TSM, we need to work out...

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Why 12,000g per hour is Absolute Bulls**t

Posted by on 19 Apr 2015 in Auction House, economy, Farming | Comments Off on Why 12,000g per hour is Absolute Bulls**t

Why 12,000g per hour is absolute, er, rubbish. Recently I posted how you can “make 12,000g per hour in Shadowmoon Valley“.  Today I’m here to tell you that this is a load of boll*cks.  Why is that?   1) Drop rate is dependant on RNG.  You will not get the same number as me, and I won’t get the same amount as someone else.  It’s random.  You can only guesstimate a rough figure based on how fast you kill and how long you farm for. 2) Sell rate is dependant on buyers.  Buyers don’t want the item? It...

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