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AH Costs Changes to Cover WoW Token Costs

Posted by on 1 Apr 2015 in Fun | 4 comments

AH Costs Changes to Cover WoW Token Costs in Patch 6.1.4   WoW Token Item Level 1 Binds when picked up “Use: Adds 30 days of game time to your World of Warcraft account.”   Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Official Post)INTRODUCING THE WOW TOKEN Coming soon to an Azeroth near you: the WoW Token, a new in-game item that allows players to simply and securely exchange gold and game time between each other. Players will be able to purchase a WoW Token through the in-game Shop for real money, and then sell it on...

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How to be a Great Gold Maker

Posted by on 31 Mar 2015 in Beginners | 0 comments

Great Gold Makers and Auctioneers on World of Warcraft We all have some certain things in common We hate spending We hoard We like to do many things at the same time.  Auctioning *and* farming *and* streaming? yes please We hate leaving things on the ground.  We get irritated when we fly past a herb or mine node and aren’t on the right gathering character. We never sit around in the cities just having a chat. Time is money, friend. We have a piggy bank character that keeps hold of our gold so we don’t spend it.   About the...

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Burning Crusade Epic Gems for Profit

Posted by on 29 Mar 2015 in Advertising, Auctionator, Jewelcrafting, Snatch Lists, Trade Skill Master | 0 comments

Burning Crusade Epic Gems for Profit Why buy the old gems? 6.1 brought new battle pets into Sunwell Plateau, Black Temple and Hyjal Summit (raid not zone). A new raid collection achievement was added to encourage pet collecting in TBC raids. As experienced gold makers know, more people in old raids means more cheap greens in the Auction House, and more gems being “thrown away” into the AH.   TSM Import String 32227,32228,32229,32230,32249,32231   Auctionator Import String *** TBC Epic Gems Crimson Spinel Empyrean...

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Bid on the Auction House when the Server is about to go into Maintenance

Posted by on 28 Mar 2015 in Auction House, Auctionator, Trade Skill Master, WoWuction | 0 comments

Bid on the WoW Auction House Server Maintenance is once a week, 03:00 early Wednesday morning in the EU, and 3am PST early Tuesday morning for North American servers.   Why Bid? Bids are almost a leftover from the days when the Auction House times were 30m, 2h and 6h (or is my memory failing me? I’m getting old!) and bidding was encouraged on items, rather than buyouts. Players would often engage in bidding wars, similar to eBay, with only a short period of time in which to make increasing bids for a wanted item. Now that the...

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13 Steps to Serious Gold Empire in World of Warcraft

Posted by on 25 Mar 2015 in Advanced Gold Making, Beginners, featured | 1 comment

Are you serious about making gold? Then this is what you need to do   1. Never sit around in the cities doing nothing. 2. Always pass your gold to a piggy bank so you don’t spend it 3. Keep your reputation clean, no scamming, no botting, no asshattery in trade chat. 4. Do your garrisons every day – all the small buildings, all the medium, the herbs and ore mine. 5. Max your professions and get them working together, for example your enchanting alt disenchants armor crafted by your tailor. 6. Craft everything valuable and get...

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What is the Copper Rod Squad?

Posted by on 23 Mar 2015 in Auction House, Beginners, flipping | 7 comments

What is the Copper Rod Squad A group of world of warcraft players who laugh with each other about selling vendor-bought items at higher prices on the WoW Auction house. This is known as flipping, or buy low sell high. When you buy from a vendor, it’s buy extremely low, sell high enough to have a laugh. It’s enough to make you a few gold, hundreds rather than thousands unless you’re determined to make a career out of it. It’s a great way to start off making gold if you are either a new player or created a new character...

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Should I Vendor or Disenchant my Greens? Part 2

Posted by on 22 Mar 2015 in Auction House, Trade Skill Master | 5 comments

How to Post Your Junk Greens on the Auction House (without tearing your hair out) Following on from the last blog post, you almost certainly discovered an enormous pile of potential sellers from your garrison Salvage Crates, and from picking up loot in the world and in dungeons as you level your alt/s. The first step to the proper Care and Feeding of your greenies, is to select an alt with big bags to look after them all.  Get into the habit of mailing your greenies to this character. Collect them all together so they can be dealt with. Here,...

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Should I Vendor or Disenchant my Greens? Part 1

Posted by on 21 Mar 2015 in Beginners, Tips, Trade Skill Master | 0 comments

Vendor Your Uncommon Green Items? There is a running joke at the moment with other gold makers and gold farmers that you should never vendor your greens.  But I want to show you the exception to that rule. I’m going to show you the easy way to choose whether you should Vendor, Disenchant, or Sell on the Auction House. Once you have TSM installed, and the databases populated either with TSM Desktop App, or with a Full Scan of the AH, you will be able to mouseover your item and see a comparable set of values in the improved tooltip....

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Winterspring – Icy Chill back in game

Posted by on 18 Mar 2015 in Advanced Gold Making, Youtube | 0 comments

Formula: Enchant Weapon – Icy Chill Formula: Enchant Weapon – Icy Chill  A very brief update on this rare and expensive Enchanting Formula.  It was pulled from the game, and has now been added back into the loot table of Anguished Highborne. These mobs look like female banshees and are in the centre of Winterspring. If you are new to the website and didn’t catch it earlier, here is my YouTube Winterspring Guide about the rares, special items, and other ways to make gold. The easiest route to Winterspring if you are over...

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How to Deal with your World of Warcraft AH Competitors

Posted by on 17 Mar 2015 in ethics, Undercutting | 0 comments

How to deal with competitors Remember – your competitors are also your (potential) customers. If they have gold, it’s ok, they can then buy your things. It’s ok for them to get gold as well as you.  Their richness does not harm or threaten you.   You have the following options Undercut them. This could mean much cancelling and reposting, and lower profit. Overcut them.  This is my version of “buy low, sell high” but without doing the buy low myself, allowing someone else to do the buy low part.  Simply wait...

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Transmog TSM String Lists for Import to TSM Shopping Groups

Posted by on 16 Mar 2015 in Addons, Auctionator, flipping, Trade Skill Master, Transmogrification | 0 comments

Transmog Trade Skill Master Snatch Lists and Groups I lost all my TSM lists.  So when I needed to make some more, I went to see what was available in the community first. My new TSM transmog list is based on Phat Lewts Mog group, and to this I’ve added subgroups for the most popular selling items in the group, so if you’re just starting you can just find/sell the ones more likely to sell. I’ve also added in some more mog groups so that the items completely match my old Auctionator Shopping Snatch Lists for Transmog.  ...

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Farming Isle of Giants

Posted by on 14 Mar 2015 in Farming, featured | 3 comments

Farming Isle of Giants Farming is good for making gold, but it gets very boring very fast, and the amount that you make is limited by the mobs and your killing ability not by your intelligence and quick wits. That’s why I recommend farming as only one part of your whole gold generation and making. Using the Daily Gold Cheat Sheet (free when you sign up to receive my blog posts by email) you can schedule an hour’s farming into your daily routine. I don’t like farming.   20k per hour You can make 20,000g per hour in...

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New Transmogrification Rules for 2015

Posted by on 12 Mar 2015 in Transmogrification | 4 comments

Transmogging Updated for 2015 When I first called it in 2011  I knew it was going to be big, and that as a WoW Roleplayer I would have some extra knowledge of armor looks that would give me an advantage and help me make thousands and thousands of gold in world of warcraft with transmogrification. What I didn’t know was that this market would still be going in 2015. The make-a-quick-buck sellers disappeared into the night, and the long term sellers continue to farm, buy, and sell mogging gear.  The oldest known mog seller that I know is...

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Can I sell Transmogrification on my Server?

Posted by on 9 Mar 2015 in The Undermine Journal, Transmogrification | 0 comments

Can I sell Transmogrification on my Server? Quick answer: Yes, although you will have to make your own prices. Long answer: If you want the high prices you need to be prepared to do some research. Go to the Undermine Journal, and choose your server or target server. Input the name/s of some transmogrification items that you know are desirable. In the examples, I chose Glorious Legplates and Jade Breastplate. Scroll down the page to see the price/population scatter plot.  Ignore the high outliers (they are stupid prices by gamblers rather than...

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How Much Gold Do You Have in World of Warcraft?

Posted by on 6 Mar 2015 in Advanced Gold Making, Opportunity Cost, Practical Guide | 4 comments

How Much Gold Do You Have in World of Warcraft?   Riches is not “how much gold do you have”. Being rich is not “how much gold per hour you can make”. After all, who buys a car based on “how many miles has it driven?” Or “how many miles per gallon can it do?” The sign of a car’s power has always been “How fast can it get from 0-60mph” The sign of riches is accelerating from Zero Gold Per Hour to the speed that you want, when you need to. In other words:  “Are you able...

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World of Warcraft “Free to Play” wtf

Posted by on 2 Mar 2015 in WoW Token | 1 comment

World of Warcraft Gold Tokens World of Warcraft will be free to play for those with gold and can afford the new WoW Tokens for game time. Coming soon to an Azeroth near you: the WoW Token, a new in-game item that allows players to simply and securely exchange gold and game time between each other. “Players will be able to purchase a WoW Token through the in-game Shop for real money, and then sell it on the Auction House for gold at the current market price. When a player buys a WoW Token from the Auction House for gold, the Token...

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How to Make Gold in World of Warcraft

Posted by on 1 Mar 2015 in Beginners, featured | 0 comments

There are 4 ways to make gold in World of Warcraft 1 Farming Completing normal quests Daily quests Repeatedly killing the same set of mobs Picking things up from the ground (inc mining, herbalism, skinning, fishing, archaeology) aka Gathering If you like this sort of thing, check our Beginners section 2 Services Gold dkp runs Tank (and healing!) services Power leveling Begging - you provide the service of leaving them alone in return for gold. Prospecting, smelting, – these are covered by services rather than crafting, because you...

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Become a guest poster!

Posted by on 28 Feb 2015 in guest blogs, Guests | 0 comments

LF1M Make Gold Are you interested in leaving a guest post on the Gold Queen, sharing your ideas with other gold-makers, let me know.  I’m looking for FIVE new guest posts to queue during the next month! Guests posts are welcome at the Gold Queen, subject to a few guidelines. Posts may include 1 link to your blog / website home page and a further two deep links to particular articles within your site. Please suffix your post with a thumbnail photo, or logo, or pic and 25 word brief bio. Subjects wanted Posts are particularly sought on...

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Posted by on 27 Feb 2015 in Beginners, mistakes | 1 comment

Never Stand around in the city.  You’re making zero gold per hour. Never buy something you can craft for less. Or your mate can. Waste time arguing with trolls. Undercut unless you want to sell at that price. Throw your gold away. Complete the Auction House module in your garrison. When you do, parts will stop dropping. Parts you can sell. Become stuck in your ways. Farmer? Learn to AH.  AHer? Learn to farm.  Neither? Get off your butt. Leave items to rot in your personal or guild bank/s. Ignore an opportunity. Leave herbs unpicked, ore...

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Sumptuous Fur

Posted by on 26 Feb 2015 in featured, Tips | 0 comments

Patch 6.1 Sumptuous Fur Patch 6.1 has been awesome for my Sumptuous Fur sales. I typically buy them for 1-2g on the Auction House with the aim of reselling them for 3-4g.  Some days only a few will sell. Today, they are selling very well.   Overcutting / Undercutting on the Auction House This is my classic overcutting style, which is the opposite of undercutting on the auction house which you may have learned. A twitch user was trying to troll me yesterday saying he/she knew which server I played and that they were undercutting me on...

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