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Trade Skill Master News | TSM Movie Guides from Nerf Faids

Trade Skill Master Addon Full Release Available

Trade Skill Master has overtaken Auctioneer.  It’s your essential number one auction house and world of warcraft economy addon.

Where to download Trade Skill Master

You can get TSM from Curse Gaming addons, using either the addon client (review here) or as part of the Gold Queen addon pack.

If you already have TradeSkill Master, don’t forget to update your addon! With Patch 4.3.2 due today, keep your Warcraft addons up to date.

How to learn TSM

Faid from Nerf Faids has made an awesome new Trade Skill Master (TSM) movie guide.

  • TradeSkillMaster was made by addon developers who are constantly in touch with the World of Warcraft gold making community
  • TSM addon can almost automate many of your posts, pre-setting posting prices.
  • Like Auctioneer, Trade Skill Master opens inside the normal Auction House window.
  • Read more in my 2011 compilation of free TSM addon guides from world of warcraft gold bloggers.
  • If you are still using auctioneer and anxious about learning the new features of TSM, today is the best day to start, beginning with Faid’s movies.
  • TSM is modular.  That means each part of TSM is a separate chunk which you can choose to download or use.  It’s light on memory. Auctions are faster.

I know that TSM can appear very complicated and daunting to a new user, but just slowly follow through with the guides, and you will be up and running in no time.

Good Luck,

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  1. Hey,

    upon visiting your blog, i got promptet to read it in german. As I’m a native german speaker i klicked Ok and wooohhhhhh…. I’m sorry to say that, but thats the worst translation ever. :-) Not sure if you did that yourself, but if so – you need help. Fortunately I also have a bilingual blog and my english isn’t good either. Maybe we could help each other? Just mail me or leave a comment on my site.

    • Hallo Richelf, vielen Dank für deinen Kommentar. Die Ãœbersetzung ist eine automatische Ãœbersetzung von Google. Suchst du neuen Ideen Warcraft Gold? Kann ich dir helfen? Was machst du in dieser Woche im Spiel?


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