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Pilgrim’s Bounty, Mage Gold Rush

Pilgrim’s Bounty Guide For gold gamers, Pilgrim’s Bounty event means two things. Portals. And cooking. Pilgrim’s Bounty Mage Portals Guide If you have a main or alt mage character, shimmy your backside over to a quest center such as outside Stormwind or Orgrimmar. Bring 100+ rune of portals. Stand in a clear space close to […]


How to Make Gold in World of Warcraft

There are 4 ways to make gold in World of Warcraft 1 Farming Completing normal quests Daily quests Repeatedly killing the same set of mobs Picking things up from the ground (inc mining, herbalism, skinning, fishing, archaeology) aka Gathering If you like this sort of thing, check our Beginners section 2 Services Gold dkp runs Tank […]


8,752g in 10 Easy Minutes with Fishing

With this guide you can fish Albino Cavefish and sell them raw, at a rate of 204 x 250g fish an hour. Or to craft them into Deepstone Oil for further profit. Or to craft the oil into Vial of the Sands for even more profit. Why Farm Albino Cavefish? With the rush to access […]


Day of the Dead Gold Guide 2018

Day of the Dead Gold Guide 2018     Day Of the Dead is an event that occurs starting November 1st through the 3rd This event is built around the real world holiday of Day of the Dead where some religions honor their dead   Day of the Dead: The Questline   The event centers […]


Warcraft Hatchlings Gold

Warcraft Hatchlings Gold Battle Pets are worth a fortune. Some battle pets, companion pets, you can pick up cheap on the Auction House and flip (resell) for a profit. Here are some Hatchlings that you can gather simply by clicking on the nest. Add Hatchling Farming to your flying routes today.   Razormaw Hatchling Where […]


Farming Nethershards

Farming Nethershards   Nethershards are a new currency for patch 7.2 at the Broken Shore Originally used in the Legion pre expansion event, Nethershards are back. This time they can be used to purchase all sorts of new items, including armor tokens for upgrades. For us gold makers, the nethershards can be used to buy Technique: Glyph […]


Falcosaurs for Profit

Falcosaur Pet Gold The new falcosaurs in patch 7.1 give companion/battle pets, the opportunity to get a mount, and fun quests for a new reputation faction. Wowhead guide to getting falcosaur pets How to make gold from Falcosaur pets Buy the falcosaur food from Dalaran vendors and post in singles on the auction house. Each falcosaur […]


Your Bank Alt’s City

Your Bank Alt Where should you park your bank alt, your character that use to pick up items from the mailbox and post onto the AH? Traditionally, your bank alt would live at the mailbox in the city with the Auction House. Stormwind or Orgrimmar.  Now you have a massive choice.   Ashran (Stormshield, Warspear) […]


19 Guaranteed Ways to Make World of Warcraft Gold

19 Guaranteed Ways to Make World of Warcraft Gold Sell a challenge mode gold boost Sell glyphs Sell portals Sell enchanting scrolls Sell transmog armor Sell limited supply items Sell to raiders who need flasks and potions Sell to casuals who need green leveling armor Sell items needed by achievement hunters Sell a taxi service with […]


From the Daily Blink The removal of portals in Dalaran created a sudden surge in demand for portals from mages. [box type=”info”] “But all of that has now paled in comparison to the vital and lucrative role that mages find themselves in now, making thousands of gold offering transportation out of Dalaran for travelers. Numbers estimate that Blizzard […]