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How Much Gold Do You Have in World of Warcraft?

Posted by on 6 Mar 2015 in Advanced Gold Making, Opportunity Cost, Practical Guide | 0 comments

How Much Gold Do You Have in World of Warcraft?   Riches is not “how much gold do you have”. Being rich is not “how much gold per hour you can make”. After all, who buys a car based on...

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World of Warcraft “Free to Play” wtf

Posted by on 2 Mar 2015 in WoW Token | 1 comment

World of Warcraft Gold Tokens World of Warcraft will be free to play for those with gold and can afford the new WoW Tokens for game time. Coming soon to an Azeroth near you: the WoW Token, a new in-game item that...

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Basic Gold Making in World of Warcraft

Posted by on 1 Mar 2015 in Beginners | 0 comments

There are 4 ways to make gold in World of Warcraft 1 Farming Completing normal...

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Become a guest poster!

Posted by on 28 Feb 2015 in guest blogs, Guests | 0 comments

LF1M Make Gold Are you interested in leaving a guest post on the Gold Queen,...

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Posted by on 27 Feb 2015 in Beginners, mistakes | 0 comments

Never Stand around in the city.  You’re making zero gold per hour. Never...

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Sumptuous Fur

Posted by on 26 Feb 2015 in featured, Tips | 0 comments

Patch 6.1 Sumptuous Fur Patch 6.1 has been awesome for my Sumptuous Fur sales....

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Posted by on 25 Feb 2015 in Beginners, Tips | 0 comments

Always Make sure all your followers and your alts’ followers are busy...

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Daily Gold Cheat Sheet

Posted by on 22 Feb 2015 in Beginners, Blog, Quick | 0 comments

Dailies were nerfed in Warlords of Draenor but there are still a series of...

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Spying on the Competition on your WoW Server 2

Posted by on 20 Feb 2015 in Competitors | 0 comments

Spying on your Warcraft Gold Farming Competition 2 for step 1 see...

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Spying on the Competition on your WoW Server 1

Posted by on 19 Feb 2015 in Competitors | 0 comments

Spying on your Warcraft Gold Farming Competition STEP 1 – finding the...

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World of Warcraft Spectral Tiger Duping Hack

Posted by on 15 Feb 2015 in featured, Hacks and Illegals | 1 comment

Spectral Tiger Duping As a known gold maker on my realm, I became aware of...

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Good Morning Azeroth

Posted by on 12 Feb 2015 in Life Blog | 11 comments

Shall I bring the Gold Queen back? Hey, I miss you.  I wondered if you might...

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Who was the the gold queen?

Posted by on 25 Jun 2013 in Tips | 21 comments

The gold queen was the pen name of a player on 3 EU servers 2005-2012 who...

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That’s the World of Warcraft That I Used To Play! Ian Beckman feat. Oxhorn

Posted by on 23 Apr 2013 in Fun | Comments Off


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Are You Harrods or Walmart?

Posted by on 30 Oct 2012 in economy | 3 comments

Big Ticket, or Long Tail Spectral Tiger, Darkmoon Faire Decks, Trading Card...

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Avoiding Burn Out

Posted by on 25 Oct 2012 in Advanced Gold Making | 10 comments

What is Burn Out? Burnout is a state of emotional, mental, and physical...

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Kun-Lai Summit Cave Farming with the Bots

Posted by on 19 Oct 2012 in Herbalism, Mining, Ore, Pandaria, Skinning | 4 comments

Kun-Lai Cave Farming   Bored of farming those turtles in Valley of Four...

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Invisibility Potions

Posted by on 10 Oct 2012 in Alchemy | 2 comments

Invisibility Potions Hi, I love your blog and thought I could share a tip. I...

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Turtle Power

Posted by on 9 Oct 2012 in Farming, Pandaria, Skinning, Tillers | 15 comments

Secret Gold Makers Farming Spot Discovered by Public Damn it and double damn...

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Ink Trader Preparing to Change His Prices

Posted by on 9 Oct 2012 in Inscription | Comments Off

Blackfallow Ink Buy Ink of Dreams now Tip for Scribes from Dale of Shattered...

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Jewelcrafting Onyx Panther Mount Guide

Posted by on 7 Oct 2012 in Jewelcrafting, Pandaria | 5 comments

Jewelcrafting Mount Guide The Jeweled Onyx Panther Mount is hailed as the gold...

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Mysterious Essence and the Enchanters Shuffle

Posted by on 5 Oct 2012 in Advanced Gold Making, Auction House, Auctionator, Enchanting, Lil Sparkys Workshop, Pandaria | 4 comments

New for Mists of Pandaria Step by Step instructions for profiting  ...

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Darkmoon Cards Panic

Posted by on 2 Oct 2012 in Darkmoon Faire, Inscription, Pandaria, The Undermine Journal | Comments Off

Should I Make Darkmoon Cards? How much should I pay for them? What will you...

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Mists of Pandaria Prices

Posted by on 30 Sep 2012 in Auctionator, Pandaria, Patch 5.04, Premium gold guides, Trade Skill Master | 3 comments

Fluctuating Mists of Pandaria Prices Prices on the Auction house for basic...

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Tillers’ Friendship Reputation: Dark Soil in Valley of the Four Winds

Posted by on 24 Sep 2012 in Dailies, Herbalism, Ore, Pandaria, Reputation | 4 comments

The Tillers in Mists of Pandaria As well as acting like a normal reputation...

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All Quiet on the Durotar Front

Posted by on 13 Sep 2012 in Tips | 3 comments

Patch 5.04 and Patch 5.1 Patch 5.04 has hit the servers, and there is a...

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Buyer’s Remorse

Posted by on 6 Sep 2012 in Spending | 9 comments

Buyer’s Remorse A reader emailed asking if I had experienced Buyers...

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Mists of Pandaria Prep at the Gold Queen site

Posted by on 25 Aug 2012 in Pandaria, Patch 5.04, Patches | 12 comments

Latest site updates   Daily Gold Cheat Sheet Updated We’ve updated...

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Inscription Robin Hood

Posted by on 18 Aug 2012 in AH PvP, Inscription | 38 comments

We Have a Robin Hood “Hello Gold Queen! I have a question. “On my...

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Nesingwary’s Loot Valley, Valley of the Four Winds

Posted by on 6 Aug 2012 in Pandaria | Comments Off

Nesingwary’s Camp of Ultimate Looting and Gold Grabbin’ Happy...

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